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Have you acquired your teaching qualification abroad? Since August 2012, you can apply to the School and Vocational Training Authority for your qualification to be checked for equivalence with a teaching qualification acquired in...

Have you acquired your teaching qualification abroad? Since August 2012, you can apply to the School and Vocational Training Authority for your qualification to be checked for equivalence with a teaching qualification acquired in Hamburg. This applies regardless of the country in which you completed your training.
For a successful equivalency assessment, you should therefore have completed the teaching profession at an accredited college or university in your home country. Some countries certify the completed pedagogical and didactic training with a certificate, which is roughly comparable to the German teaching qualification. Relevant professional experience that you have acquired after completing your studies in teaching children and young people at general and / or vocational schools is an advantage for recognition. You should also have good German language skills.
If your foreign training shows significant deficits, the procedure will check whether these deficiencies have been compensated for by your professional experience. If this is not the case, a compensatory measure will be required according to your choice, an adaptation qualification or an aptitude test.

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School and Vocational Training Authority
Hamburger Straße 31 22083 Hamburg

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U3/Busse X22/261 Hamburger Straße, U3/Busse 18/25/172 U Mundsburg

Important notes


The requirements for recognition depend on the respective teaching post and are checked on a case-by-case basis. A completed teaching degree in your home country is essential.
Use the application form to apply for the equivalency of qualifications, which you submit in writing to the authority for schools and vocational training in Hamburg.
Please fill out the relevant form completely and submit it together with the required documents.
When the application has been received by the authority for school and vocational training in the field of recognition of foreign teaching qualifications, you will receive a confirmation of receipt.
Then it is checked whether the submitted documents are complete.
What is your degree? For which teaching post does this apply in your country of origin?
How long did you study?
Which subjects did you study? In which extensive?
Did you study education? In which extensive?
Do you have practical teaching knowledge? In which type of school, in which subjects, to what extent?
What German language skills can you prove?
If necessary, documents will be requested.
Once the application documents are complete, the qualifications from the country of origin are compared with the Hamburg study and examination regulations for teaching posts.
Possible compensatory measures are: adaptation qualification or aptitude test.

Documents required

Documents to be submitted for the determination of the
Equivalence of teaching qualifications acquired abroad (HmbABQG, §12) are:
1. Application form: completed in full, date, signature
2. CV: complete, in German, date, signature
Officially certified copies of the following documents must be submitted:
3. Passport: Passport with residence permit or identity card
4. Registration certificate: not older than two years
5. If applicable, certificate of name change, translation if necessary
6. School leaving certificate with subjects: translation combined with a copy of the original
7. University degree certificate: translation combined with a copy of the original
8. Evidence of studies: translation combined with a copy of the original
9. Proof of relevant professional experience in teaching at schools, if necessary a translation combined with a copy of the original
10. Large German language diploma (if applicable C2) or an equivalent certificate if German is not the mother tongue.

Please note:
In a translation, the place of study, the name of the university, the degree and the job title must also be given in transliteration if your documents are originally written in characters other than Latin. That is, the literal translation of these words from the original script into Latin script.
In Germany, the residence principle generally applies to the responsibility of the recognition authorities. It states that the authority of the federal state in which the applicant is domiciled is responsible.

Please note

The application documents must be submitted to the authority for schools and vocational training, Heike Tödten, Hamburger Straße 31, 22083 Hamburg, Tel .: 42863-4034.
Office hours: Monday to Thursday from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. (There are no consultation hours during the Hamburg school holidays)


The decision on the application for the equivalence assessment will be made known to you in writing in the form of a notification within three months of receipt of the complete documents.

Procedure & Fees

Processing time

2.5 months

Legal notes

Legal basis

Ordinance on the implementation of the Hamburg Professional Qualification Assessment Act for teaching qualifications

(HambBQFG-VO teacher training

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