Single point of contact for professional recognition, health professions

Would you like to work in a healthcare profession in Germany? Then you need a state permit. You can have your foreign professional qualification recognised.

Important notes


  • Application + questionnaire (original)
  • Diploma / certificate (original or certified copy + translation)
  • If applicable, certificate of conformity (original or certified copy)
  • CV (with details from / to, with original signature)
  • Confirmation of registration or proof of employment or declaration of intent that the profession is to be practiced in the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg in the future
  • Passport / ID (copy)
  • Possibly. marriage certificate
  • Proof of work (if available)
  • Proof of hours / proof of theoretical and practical training
  • Power of attorney, if applicable (original)
  • If necessary, confirmation of assumption of costs (original)

For the issuance of the certificate after completion of the recognition procedure, the following are also required:

  • Medical certificate
  • criminal record
  • Proof of German language skills B2 (original or certified copy)

Documents required

(see requirements)

Please note



No deadlines for applicants; If an aptitude test or knowledge test is not passed, it must be repeated within one year

Procedure & Fees


You compile your documents using the leaflet that you can find on our website or that you have received from us. Submit the documents together with the application in the required form.

equivalence test
The competent authority will then check whether you meet all the requirements. An important prerequisite is the equivalence of your professional qualification. The competent authority compares your professional qualification from abroad with the German professional qualification as an occupational therapist. The professional qualification is equivalent if there are no significant differences between your foreign professional qualification and the German professional qualification.

Possible results of the test
If there is equivalence, submit proof of your health, language and personal suitability (instruction sheet).

If there is no equivalence, you will complete an adjustment measure in the form of an aptitude test or an adjustment course. You will receive further information from us on this.

Processing time

After submitting all necessary evidence, a maximum of 3 - 4 months


There are fees for the recognition procedure, depending on the effort, of up to 600 euros, plus additional costs for aptitude or knowledge tests, adaptation courses or expert reports.

Legal notes

Legal remedies

An objection to a negative decision can be raised within one month of notification at the office specified in the letterhead.

Service description

In order to be allowed to work in a healthcare profession in Germany, you need a professional permit. For this purpose, the equivalence of your foreign training with the German training will be checked. If there is equivalence, you can get a work permit if the requirements are met. If there is no equivalence, you must first complete an adjustment measure (aptitude test/adjustment course) before you can receive a work permit.

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