Education package - reimbursement of costs for excursions and trips with schools and daycare centers (housing benefit / child allowance for recipients)

If you receive housing benefit or child allowance under the Federal Child Benefits Act, you can be reimbursed for the costs of trips to schools and daycare centers as well as daycare and class trips.

Important notes


  • Claim have children under 25, or whose parents are in receipt of housing benefit or child benefit under the Federal Child Benefit Act and
  • attend a day-care center or a day-care center or are cared for by day parents or
  • attend a general or vocational school and
  • receive no training allowance

Documents required

  • Approval notification or certificate (confirmation of performance) for housing benefit or child allowance
  • Cost confirmation form (see link Education Package - Forms)

The certificate (confirmation of performance) is a brief notification that only contains the data required for the application for benefits (name, period of approval, date of birth, address, legal basis for receiving benefits).

Please note

Excursions and trips are requested using a form on which the day care center or school confirms the dates and costs of the excursion. As a rule, it is available in the day care center or school. You can also find it under the link provided separately.

Recipients of the child supplement must enclose proof of the benefit receipt (benefit notice from the family benefits office or so-called certificate for submission to the municipal office).
Recipients of housing benefit should enclose proof, as this makes processing easier (benefit notification from the housing benefit office or short BuT certificate).



Procedure & Fees



Legal notes

Legal remedies

Objection and complaint before social court

Legal basis

§ 28 SGB II, § 6b BKGG

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