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Education package - information for service providers in the areas of culture, music and sport, registration in the provider database

Private or public providers, individuals or associations that organize suitable offers in the areas of culture, sport and leisure can act as service providers and register with the city of Hamburg. You will then be listed on the website...

Private or public providers, individuals or associations that organize suitable offers in the areas of culture, sport and leisure can act as service providers and register with the city of Hamburg. You will then be listed on the website of the Hamburg Education Package as a service provider with the relevant contact details.

Suitable offers are e.g. B. those of
- football clubs
- Church parishes that offer camps
- charities
- Free and state theaters
- Private music teachers
- commercial dance schools

For example, membership fees in the areas of sports, games, culture and socializing, lessons in artistic subjects and comparable guided activities of cultural education (e.g. theater workshops) are funded.
The costs for admission tickets are not covered.
A flat rate of 15 euros per month applies.

Saving for free time
The monthly contributions can be saved for up to 12 months within an approval period for free time (see also the link 'Educational package - savings for free time').

Registration in the service provider database
To register in the service provider database of the city of Hamburg, an informal e-mail must be sent to the function mailbox and asked to be included in the provider database. The provider then receives a form by email in which the data of the provider and information about the offer must be entered. The form is sent back to the functional mailbox. The entry in the provider database will then take place promptly. However, admission is not a prerequisite for being able to bill for socio-cultural participation services.
To note:
The city of Hamburg is not legally obliged to check the quality and reliability of the providers. This is the responsibility of the participant or their legal guardian. Before registering a provider in the service provider file, the competent authority in each case only checks whether it is aware of any justified objections to the service provider.

In the future, a lump sum will be granted, even if the activity itself is free of charge, since the legislator assumes that in such cases there will also be costs (travel costs at least travel costs will arise - and thus costs. Therefore, in future it will no longer be necessary to explicitly refer to the equipment, since these are also covered by the flat rate.

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Address and contact information


District Office Eimsbüttel
Specialist Office for Basic Social Security and Social Security
Central BuT clearing office
Grindelberg 62-66 20144 Hamburg

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U3/Bus 5 Hoheluftbrücke, Busse X35/4/5/15 Bezirksamt Eimsbüttel

Important notes


Eligible are babies, children and young people under the age of 18 who (or their parents) receive benefits under SGB II, SGB XII, §§ 2 or 3 AsylbLG or housing benefit or child allowance. Proof of entitlement to benefits (approval or short notification) must be presented (see link 'Example of performance certificates').

Documents required


Please note

The offer costs less than 15 euros per month:
The beneficiaries have their participation certified by the service provider. The form ' participation benefit' is available for this under the link 'educational package - forms '. The flat rate of 15 euros is then paid to the beneficiaries and they have to settle the monthly costs directly with the service provider.

The offer costs 15 euros and more:
As before, the service providers can use a billing list to bill them and receive the 15 euros per month directly from the city. If the activity costs more than 15 euros per month, the difference must be paid by the beneficiary.
Completing the billing list
The persons are to be recorded separately according to legal groups in the billing list for services for culture, sport and leisure and the participant must confirm that the service is not already being used elsewhere. Both forms can be found under the link 'Educational Package - Forms'.
The billing list should be sent to the following address:
district office Eimsbüttel,
Specialist office for basic security and social affairs,
Education and Participation - Clearinghouse
Grindelberg 62-66,
20144 Hamburg

However, the service provider does not have to bill using the billing list.
He can also confirm the beneficiary's participation on the " Participation Benefit " form, so that the beneficiary receives the flat rate directly from the city and the billing then takes place between the service provider and the beneficiary.



Procedure & Fees


In Hamburg, there are two ways to settle socio-cultural participation benefits.
  1. Payment to the Beneficiary
    The person entitled to benefits applies for the benefit himself in the Eimsbüttel district office and pays the club fees/costs in full himself.
  2. Direct settlement with you as the provider
    The person entitled to benefits will provide you, as the service provider, with a copy of the notification of the social benefit (main benefit notification) or the short BuT notification. Participation in the participation offer is possible immediately. You enter the data required for settlement with the Eimsbüttel district office. Billing takes place via a collective bill in the form of an Excel table if several participants are billed at the same time.
If individual participants are to be billed, this can be done using the billing form "Billing of services from the socio-cultural participation application by the service provider".
You send the respective billing forms to the district office in Eimsbüttel. The costs actually incurred for the participation activity will be billed. Any difference to the statutory social benefit entitlement of 15 euros per month will be paid out to the beneficiaries. If the costs are more than 15 euros, the difference must be paid to you by the person entitled to benefits.

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