Danger investigation suspected ordnance

Information about the munitions load

Information on the explosive ordnance load

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Documents required

The following must be attached to the application:
• Property map with identification of the application area
• Proof of ownership: Extract from the ALKIS (property register), land register or purchase contract
• Power of attorney from the property owner (if the applicant is NOT the property owner)

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Procedure & Fees



Processing time

The current processing times for the application type hazard assessment/aerial photo evaluation can be found on the website:


The costs of your application are based on the current fee schedule for the fire brigade (GebOFw). The time required is decisive.

Legal notes

Legal remedies


Legal basis

Ordinance on the prevention of damage from ordnance (Ordinance on Ordinance on Ordinance on Ordinance on Ordinance)

Service description

The hazard investigation / suspected ordnance (F046) is part of the “Preventive fire and hazard protection” department of the Hamburg fire brigade and is therefore subject to the Interior and Sports Authority. Due to the steadily growing city and the associated construction activity, around 10,000 applications for hazard exploration / aerial photo evaluation and examination of the suspected area cadastre are made and over 600 release reports from registered companies with a total of 450,000 m² are checked.
The GEKV uses around 30,000 aerial photographs from the holdings of the National Collection of Aerial Photography in Edinburgh and the National Archive in Washington, DC to classify areas. Every available pair of images is stereoscopically evaluated in order to identify a specific suspicion of ordnance. In addition, numerous documentaries following the war are analyzed.
Identified suspected areas can then be systematically examined by registered companies in accordance with Section 10 (2) Ordinance on Ordinance on Ordinance on Ordinance on Ordnance of Combat Ordinance using suitable measures in accordance with TA-KRD Hamburg 2017. If these companies come across ordnance, these are examined by the ordnance disposal service F045 and, if necessary, defused.

Further information: +49 40 428 51-4115

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Danger investigation suspected ordnance
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