Work permit, secure residence

The work permit is part of the residence permit and is issued by the local offices responsible for foreign affairs. A corresponding application must be submitted to Hamburg Service for this purpose.

Important notes


Whether employment can be approved depends on the purpose of the stay, the length of stay, the type of specific job and the situation on the labor market, which is why the employment agency often has to be involved.

Documents required

  • passport
  • Employment contract and job description, possibly old work permit
  • Proof of qualification
  • curriculum vitae

Application in writing and informally.

Please note

The residents' central office - immigration authorities - is responsible for asylum seekers and tolerance holders .

Since May 1st, 2011 , all EU nationals have been granted unrestricted free movement of workers, ie they no longer need a work permit in order to be employed in Germany.

Since September 1st , 2011, residence permits have been issued as electronic residence permits. Residence permits issued as stickers remain valid until the expiry of the period of validity or until the expiry of the period of validity of the passport. An exchange will not be made.

A certificate on the right of free movement will no longer be issued to Union citizens and citizens of EEA countries from January 29, 2013 . The registration certificate is valid as proof of the stay for this group of people.

Procedure & Fees


Examination when submitting an application in person to the designated office for foreign affairs.

Processing time

The examination of the application can take a few weeks.



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