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Persons without health insurance who only receive short-term assistance to cover their living expenses may be entitled to health benefits.


Detailed description

If you do not have health insurance and receive subsistence aid for a short period of time (probably less than a month) without interruption, the social welfare office can cover the costs of the necessary medical care. This includes

  • Preventive health care for the prevention and early detection of diseases
  • Help with illness
  • Help with family planning
  • Help with pregnancy and motherhood
  • Help with sterilization

The assistance corresponds to the benefits of statutory health insurance, including the requirement for additional payments within the burden limit.
If registration with a health insurance company is not possible, the social welfare provider will provide the necessary assistance by directly granting benefits within the framework of health assistance.




You are in financial need and
You have no other health insurance or health assistance.

Documents required

  • Informal application
  • Current notice of subsistence benefits
  • Identity card or passport
  • Prescriptions and/or payment receipts, if applicable,
  • required consultation confirmations, cost estimates, rejection notices

Please note

All you need to do is submit an informal application to the basic security and social welfare office responsible for you.


The application should generally be made before treatment, and only immediately afterwards in the case of emergency treatment.


After you submit your application, the basic security and social welfare office will check and decide on your eligibility requirements.

Processing time

A decision on the application will be made immediately. The processing time depends, among other things, on the completeness of the information and the submission of the evidence required to process the application.



Legal remedies


Legal basis

§§ 47 ff SGB XII Health Assistance

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