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Notification of change of authorized representative for legal entities

Are you running a business as a legal entity and have appointed someone else to represent you? You must inform the responsible authority immediately.

Important notes

Documents required

  • None (for inspection)
  • Notarial registration (for notification of change of authorized representative)



Procedure & Fees


You must inform the authority to which you have registered your business that there has been a change in the authority to represent you.
To do so, use the prescribed notification form and attach the required documents. Commercial register entries can be made online on the website of the commercial register   Changes to authorized representatives must be registered electronically in notarized form with the commercial register.

Processing time

  • None (inspections/extracts)

  • Otherwise, the processing time depends on the quality of the applications and the volume of business


  • None (for inspection)

  • 10 euros (single statements)

  • 20 euros (certified extracts) for registration of changes of representative

  • Notary fees

  • Fees and expenses according to the Commercial Register Fees Ordinance

Legal notes

Legal basis

Section 150 para. 1 of the Trade Regulation Act (GewO)

Section 30 (5) Federal Central Register (ZRG)

§ 53 German Commercial Code (HGB)

§ 107 German Commercial Code (HGB)

§ 143 German Commercial Code (HGB)

§ 161 II German Commercial Code (HGB)

§ 39 GmbH Act (GmbHG)

Section 81 Stock Corporation Act (AktG)

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Service description

You can view the authorized representatives of a company in the commercial register. You can view this information free of charge on the commercial register website and also access commercial register extracts from this website.
Changes in authorized representatives must be registered electronically with the commercial register via a notary.
You can also request extracts from the commercial register in writing from the Hamburg District Court, Commercial Register, stating the registration number.

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