Authority for the Environment, Climate, Energy and Agriculture

Communicate information to check an increased risk of incidents (domino effect).

The authority is checking whether there could be domino effects in neighboring operational areas. Share information about this with the relevant authority.

Important notes



Documents required

The responsible pollution control authority will request the necessary documents from you.



Procedure & Fees


Communicate the information in writing or electronically to assess an increased risk of incidents.
The responsible authority initiates the procedure to determine a domino effect. The assessment is based on

  • the information provided by the operator in the notification and in the safety report,
  • the information provided by the operator following a request from the competent authority for additional information, and
  • the information obtained by the competent authority through surveillance measures.

If the conditions for a domino effect are met, you and, if applicable, other operators of other systems or businesses that are also affected will receive a notice of determination from the responsible authority.

Processing time




Legal notes

Legal remedies

  • Objection within one month of receipt of the notice of determination.

Legal basis

Section 15 of the Major Accident Ordinance (12th BImSchV)

Section 7 of the Major Accident Ordinance (12th BImSchV)

Service description

The competent authority is obliged to inform the operators of operating areas in accordance with the Major Accident Ordinance as to which operating areas or groups of operating areas may have an increased probability of major accidents due to their geographical location, their distance from one another and the hazardous substances present in their facilities, or in which these major accidents may have more serious consequences (domino effect).
For the assessment, the authority requires from you in particular

  • Information provided in the notification and the safety report,
  • Information provided by the operator following a request from the competent authority for additional information and
  • Information obtained by the competent authority through monitoring measures.

As an operator, you also provide information about your immediate surroundings and the operating area. These include, for example, details

  • to neighbouring operating areas,
  • to other establishments that are not covered by the Major Accident Ordinance, and
  • on areas and developments,
    • from which an incident could occur or
    • where the probability of an incident occurring may increase or the impact of an incident and domino effects

can worsen.
If the authority has additional information, it must make it available to you as the operator immediately, provided this is necessary for the cooperation between the operators.

If a domino effect has been identified in operational areas, the potential hazards must be taken into account in the safety report, the accident prevention plan, the safety management system and the internal alarm and hazard prevention plans.

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