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Take an intermediate examination in dual training occupations

The intermediate examination takes place about halfway through your dual training period. This serves to determine the level of knowledge and is intended to give you and the training company feedback on the transfer of knowledge to date.

Important notes


  • You are in a registered training relationship or a registered retraining relationship
  • Your training regulations provide for an intermediate examination

Documents required

  • Official identification
  • If necessary, form “Application for compensation for disadvantages”

Please note

Due to the regular modernization of training occupations, intermediate examinations are no longer carried out in more and more occupational profiles, but are replaced by part 1 of the final examination.


The registration deadline for the intermediate examination is approximately 3 months before the written examination date. You can find out the exact registration deadline from the responsible regional office.

Procedure & Fees


As a rule, you will be informed by the office responsible for you about the upcoming intermediate examination.

  • After registering for the intermediate exam, you will receive an invitation to all parts of the exam.
  • At the test location, you identify yourself with a proof of identity.
  • You take the written exam.
  • You take the practical test, if this is planned.
Your intermediate examination result will be sent to you in the form of a certificate of attendance.

Processing time

The entire process of the intermediate examination, including registration, invitation, carrying out all parts of the examination, determining the result and sending the certificate of participation, takes about 5 months


The examination fee is based on the fee schedule of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce. The training company bears the costs.

Retrainees can clarify with the employment agency or the educational institution whether funding may be an option, otherwise you will have to pay the fees yourself.

Legal notes

Legal remedies


Legal basis

Designation: § 48 Vocational Training Act (BBiG)


Designation: § 39 Crafts Code (HWO)


Service description

The intermediate examination determines your acquired skills, knowledge and abilities as well as the subject matter from the vocational school lessons. The exam should give you and your training company an impression of your respective level of performance. Participation in the intermediate examination is a prerequisite for admission to the final examination. The results of the intermediate examination provide you with important information as to whether you want to be admitted to the final examination early.

The intermediate exams consist of a written part and, if necessary, another practical part. Both parts of the examination are usually examined on different days. The written part of the exam is conducted nationwide on a fixed day at the same time.

If you have concluded an apprenticeship contract with a company, this apprenticeship relationship has been reported to the responsible regional office (e.g. Chamber of Industry and Commerce). The competent authority knows the period in which you have to take your intermediate examination. They will notify you of the exam in a letter or electronically.

The implementation of the intermediate examination is organized by the responsible regional office in consultation with the honorary examination board. The examination board, consisting of employer representatives, employee representatives and teacher representatives, takes your examination performance and evaluates it.

The examination result determined by the examination board is transmitted to the responsible body. You will receive the results in the form of a certificate of participation.
Intermediate examinations only take place in occupations in which the training regulations do not provide for a final examination in two parts. Participation in intermediate examinations is compulsory for all trainees.
You can omit an intermediate examination if you have already completed another training course of at least two years that has been credited to your training relationship.
Upon request, you can also take an intermediate examination as a retraining participant, but then you or the person responsible for the measure must bear the costs for the examination.

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