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Eimsbüttel Residents’ Affairs

Report a move to Hamburg from another federal state


If you move to Hamburg from another federal state, you must register.

You must also register if you move to a new main or secondary residence in Hamburg.


Detailed description

If you have moved to Hamburg from another federal state, you must register in Hamburg. This applies to both your main residence and a secondary residence.

Register with the relevant authority if you plan to stay in Hamburg for longer than 6 months.

Please let us know if you use another apartment as your primary or secondary residence.

You do not have to deregister with the registration authority of your previous place of residence.

Your address will be entered in the residents' register. If you are a German citizen, your official identification documents will be changed.

You will receive an official registration confirmation.




You have moved from another federal state to Hamburg into a sole, primary or secondary residence.

You are staying in Hamburg for more than 6 months.

Documents required

  • Your valid identification document (identity card, passport, passport substitute)
  • and, if applicable, additionally
    • Your eID card or
    • Your (electronic) residence permit
  • Confirmation of accommodation provider with the following information:
    • Name and address of the landlord and, if he is not the owner, also the name of the owner,
    • Move-in date,
    • Address of the apartment and
    • Names of all persons moving into the apartment
  • When moving into a home, you will also need a purchase agreement or land register extract
  • Your original civil status documents (e.g. birth certificate, marriage certificate, declaration of name)
  • if applicable, original identification documents and written authorizations of the absent persons whose move you are reporting

Please note

Please contact the responsible authority in advance by telephone if you wish to re-register minor children under the age of 16 without both legal guardians.

If you want to re-register your minor child, who has previously lived with both parents in a main residence, into your new main residence without the other parent, you will need the consent of the other parent, a written agreement on the child's center of life or a family court decision on the transfer of sole right of determination of place of residence.

The same applies if you want to change the sole or main residence of your minor child from the residence of one parent to the residence of the other parent.

From the age of 16, minors can re-register without the consent of their legal guardians.


Please register no later than 2 weeks after your move.


  • You can make an appointment online or by calling 115.
  • You bring all necessary documents with you to the appointment and present them.
  • You change your address.
  • Your address will be changed in the residents’ register.
  • Your address will be changed in your official documents.
  • You will receive a registration confirmation.
  • You pay the fee.
  • You can re-register online under the following conditions:
    • You have a valid German identity card or
    • a valid eID card.
  • You access the online service.
  • You register to use it.
  • You log in to the online service with your user account.
  • You enter all the required data.
  • Your address will be changed in the residents’ register.
  • You may receive address stickers that you can stick on your identity card over the old address.
  • If there is a chip in a document, the address on it will be changed.
  • You will receive an official registration confirmation.
  • If you use the online service, it is free of charge for you.

Processing time

Processing on site usually takes 10 to 12 minutes.


There is a charge of EUR 13.00 per person or family unit with the same moving dates.

If you use the online service, it is free of charge for you.

Payment methods available

  • Girocard
  • Cash payment

Legal remedies

  • contradiction

  • legal challenge

  • obligation action

Legal basis

Federal Registration Act (BMG)

Address and contact information

Eimsbüttel Residents’ Affairs

You can use this service at any Hamburg Service Residents' Affairs location, regardless of where you live in Hamburg.

Mon-Fri 7am-7pm, visits are only possible by appointment. You can book an appointment online ( or by phone at 040 115.

On Friday, July 19, 2024, all locations for resident affairs will only be open until 2 p.m.
Please note that the collection of identification documents that have already been requested will only be possible until 2 p.m. on this day.

Speed Capture Terminal:
For independent collection of biometric data (photo, signature, fingerprints). If you use it, you don't have to bring a photo with you. Cost: 6 euros

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