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If you move out of an apartment and do not move into another apartment in Germany, you must deregister.

You can apply for this service at any Hamburg Service location, regardless of where you live.

Important notes


  • Moving abroad, or
  • Abandonment of a secondary residence, or
  • Without permanent residence

Documents required

  • Deregistration form (also on site)
  • Identity cards and, if available, passports of all persons to be deregistered
If you cancel in writing, please send:
  • unsubscribe form
  • Copy of identity card or passport

Please note

  • ATTENTION: You can deregister at the earliest 7 days before you actually move out.
  • The cancellation can be made in person or informally in writing.
  • The data required for the written cancellation can be found on the cancellation form.
  • The transmission of the cancellation by e-mail is not legally effective, so we ask that you send the cancellation by post.
  • You can be represented by an authorized person. The identity cards of the person to be deregistered and the authorized person must be presented in the original.
  • From the age of 16 you can deregister without the consent of the legal guardians.
De-registration of an external subsidiary/second home:
  • If Hamburg is to become your main residence or your sole place of residence or already is, the foreign second home must be deregistered. You can do this in writing or in person at a location for residents' affairs or at the residents' registration office of the secondary residence.
De-registration of a secondary residence in Hamburg:
  • You can deregister your second place of residence in Hamburg at one of the Hamburg Service locations, as well as at the responsible registration office for your main place of residence.
  • Former residents can be PERSONALLY de-registered by the landlord at any location for resident affairs. Further information can be obtained by telephone from the respective Hamburg Service.
  • If you give up the secondary residence or re-register it within Hamburg, please note the service for the secondary residence tax (see under Links).


  • You must deregister within two weeks of moving out of the apartment.

  • You can deregister in the week before you move out of the apartment.

Procedure & Fees


You can deregister your place of residence in person or in writing at Hamburg Service.
You can be represented by an authorized person.
The identity cards of the person(s) to be de-registered and, if applicable, the authorized person, must be presented in the original.

Processing time

Processing takes about 5 minutes.


There are no costs.

Payment methods available

  • Girocard
  • Cash payment

Legal notes

Legal remedies


Legal basis

Service description

If you move out of an apartment and do not move into another apartment in Germany, you must deregister.

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Address and contact information


Finkenwerder Einwohnerangelegenheiten
Butendeichsweg 2 21129 Hamburg



Facility info

Mensch in einem Rollstuhl Accessible

Wenn Sie einen Personalausweis, Reisepass oder Kinderreisepass beantragen möchten, können Sie zur Erfassung der notwendigen biometrischen Daten (Foto, Unterschrift, Fingerabdrücke) ein vorhandenes Selbsterfassungsterminal (Speed Capture Terminal) nutzen. Das Mitbringen eines Fotos entfällt in diesem Fall. Die Nutzung kostet 6 Euro. Eine Sachbearbeitung ist im Anschluss aufzusuchen, Terminvereinbarung wird empfohlen.

The Finkenwerder customer center is on the first floor. In addition to the existing stairs, you can also reach this via an elevator. To get to the first floor via elevator, please call the customer center staff on 040/42854-5333. You will then be welcomed and escorted upstairs.
If you would like to apply for an identity card, passport or children's passport, you can use an existing self-recording terminal (Speed Capture Terminal) to capture the necessary biometric data (digital photo, signature, fingerprints).
Please allow a few minutes more time before your appointment to collect your data.
Note: You will not receive a printout of the digital photo.
There is no need to bring a passport photo with you when using the self-registration terminal.
Use costs 6 euros.
Please speak to the clerk afterwards.

The existing self-recording terminal (Speed Capture Terminal) cannot be used for fishing licenses and driver's license applications. Please bring a passport photo (biometric) with you for these services.

Public transport

Buses 150/251 or ferries 62/64 Finkenwerder Landungsbrücke

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