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Pass the advanced training exam

After an initial professional qualification, you can acquire another nationwide recognized professional qualification by taking part in a further training examination.

Important notes


  • The admission requirements differ according to the desired advanced training qualification and are listed in the relevant regulation.
  • Appropriate professional training is usually required.
  • Depending on the degree you are aiming for, certain professional experience may have to be proven.

Documents required

  • Certified copy of professional qualification
  • Tabular list of professional career
  • Official photo ID for identification during the exam
  • If applicable, confirmation of the industry-specific activities with duration by the employing company

Please note

By successfully passing the final exam, you will achieve an educational qualification at level 5-7 in the German Qualifications Framework. Further information on the DQR can be found at the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (see under Links).



The registration deadline for the final exam is about one to three months before the first exam date. You can find out the exact registration deadline from the responsible regional office.

Procedure & Fees


Before you decide to take an advanced training exam, you should seek advice from the responsible body on the requirements for admission to the exam and, if necessary, make use of preparatory training offers.

  • To be admitted, submit an application for admission to the examination to the responsible body.
  • After successful admission to the advanced training examination, you will receive an invitation to all parts of the examination (written and practical or oral examination). The written and oral or practical exam usually take place on different days.
  • At the exam location, you must identify yourself as an authorized participant with proof of identity and the exam registration.
  • You will usually find out the provisional results of the written exam before you take your last oral or practical exam.
  • If you have taken part in all parts of the advanced training exam, you will usually receive immediate notification as to whether you have passed the advanced training exam.
  • After your overall result has been determined by the examination board, it will be sent to the responsible office. Your test certificate will then be created and sent to you.

Processing time

The entire process of the advanced training examination including registration, admission, invitation, implementation of all parts of the examination, determination of results and issue / dispatch of the examination certificate takes about six to twelve months and depends on the desired advanced training examination and the examination performance specified in it.


Continuing education examinations are subject to a fee. The examination fee is based on the respective fee regulations of the regionally responsible authority.

Legal notes

Legal remedies

  • Regulations may vary by state

  • Objection to competent authority

  • Detailed information on how to file an objection can be found in the "Notification of non-admission" and the "Notification of failure".

Legal basis

§ 71 paragraph 2 Vocational Training Act (BBiG)

§ 53 et seq. Vocational Training Act (BBiG)

Service description

With a further training examination, you can, for example, obtain a qualification as an industrial foreman, business administrator, business economist or a bachelor / master professional.
In order to be able to take part in a further training examination, you must have an initial professional qualification. This is, for example, completed vocational training. Depending on the degree you are seeking, you may need to meet additional admission requirements and/or have work experience. The office responsible for the degree you are aiming for will be happy to advise you on the respective requirements.
You should prepare well for the content of the respective advanced training examination. There are, for example, courses from private providers and materials for self-study. However, this is not a legal requirement for admission to the examination.
Depending on the profession and federal state, different bodies are responsible for conducting the examination. These are usually the chambers of industry and commerce, professional chambers or other bodies responsible for vocational training. The regional office responsible for you will inform you about examination options in your region. If the further training examination is not carried out at your location, you will find out where you can turn to as an alternative.
The further training examination is conducted and evaluated by an honorary examination board.
Continuing education exams consist of several exams that you have to take on different exam dates as a written knowledge test and as a practical or oral exam.

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