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Take a retraining exam in dual training occupations

You complete your retraining with the retraining exam. By passing the final examination, you prove your professional ability to act in a specific profession.

Important notes


  • You have completed the necessary retraining period.
  • You have taken part 1 of the mandatory final examination, provided this is provided for in the retraining regulations for the respective profession.

Documents required

  • Retraining contract (already submitted before the start of the retraining)
  • Form “Registration for retraining examination”
  • If necessary, form “Application for compensation for disadvantages”

Please note

If you successfully pass the retraining exam, you will achieve an educational qualification at level 4 in the German Qualifications Framework.


The registration deadline for the retraining exam is approximately four to five months before the written exam date. You can find out the exact registration deadline from the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce.

Procedure & Fees


  • Your participation in a retraining examination must be planned for the long term and you have to prepare well to prepare. If you have a registered training contract, you may be informed in advance by the responsible office of the upcoming exam, but you usually still have to register for the exam.
  • After you have registered for the exam, the admission requirements will be checked.
  • If you are admitted to the final exam, you will receive an invitation to all parts of the exam (written and practical or oral part of the exam).
  • At the examination location, you must identify yourself with proof of identity and the examination registration.
  • You can usually view the provisional results of the written exam on the website of the competent authority before you take the oral or practical exam.
  • If you have taken part in all parts of the exam, you will usually receive prompt notification as to whether you have passed.
  • After your overall result has been determined by the examination board, it will be sent to the responsible office. Your exam certificate will be sent to you.

Processing time

The entire process of the retraining examination, including registration, admission, invitation, taking all parts of the examination, determining the results and issuing/sending the examination certificate, takes about six months.


Retraining exams are subject to a fee. Please inquire about the fee at the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce

Legal notes

Legal remedies

Objection to competent authority.

Detailed information on how to file an objection can be found in the "Notification of non-admission" and the "Notification of failure".

Legal basis

§ 71 paragraph 2 Vocational Training Act (BBiG)

§§ 58 ff. Vocational Training Act (BBiG)

Service description

Retraining is used for professional reorientation, usually because you can no longer practice your previous job. The retraining takes place on the basis of a recognized training occupation and, just like the vocational training, ends with a final examination, the retraining examination.
Retraining exams consist of a written part and a practical or oral part. Both parts of the exam usually take place on different days. The written part of the exam takes place nationwide on a fixed day at the same time.
A retraining examination is carried out regionally by the bodies responsible for training in your profession (e.g. Chamber of Industry and Commerce) for all retrainees at the end of the retraining period. Before you can take the retraining exam, you must have completed the retraining. This is two-thirds of the usual duration of training in the respective profession.
Since you have concluded a retraining contract with a company or educational institution, your contractual partner has reported this retraining contract to the responsible regional authority (e.g. Chamber of Industry and Commerce). The responsible body therefore knows when you will take your retraining exam. The admission and registration process is started by the responsible office by post or electronically.
The regionally responsible office organizes the implementation of the retraining examination in consultation with the honorary examination board. The examination board consists of an employers' representative, employees' representatives and teachers' representatives. He accepts your exam performance and evaluates it.
Your retraining relationship ends when the examination board announces the result. If you do not pass the retraining exam, you have the option of repeating the exam twice.

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