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Submit proof of collective disposal using the privileged procedure

Under certain conditions, you can use the privileged procedure for your collective disposal certificate.

Important notes


  • Software with which the verification documents can be created, processed and qualified in electronic form and exchanged with other companies and the authorities.
  • To sign the forms qualifiedly, you need a personal signature card and a card reader.
  • In the verification forms you must enter the waste law company numbers of the waste collecting and waste disposal company. If these have not yet been issued, you must apply for them from the responsible authority before creating the verification forms.
  • As a waste disposal company, you must meet one of the required requirements:
    • Waste disposal company
    • EMAS certification
    • Exemption from the authority
  • It must be a type of waste that is listed in Appendix 2 of the Evidence Ordinance. Please consult the responsible authority about this.

Documents required

In electronic form:

  • Cover sheet (DEN)
  • Responsible declaration (VE) of the waste collecting company, including declaration analysis (DA) if necessary
  • Declaration of acceptance (AE) from the waste disposal company

Please note



No. However, you must submit proof of collective disposal to the responsible authority before you begin collective disposal.

Procedure & Fees


  • The waste collecting company creates the necessary documents and sends them with a corresponding signature to the waste disposal company.
  • The waste disposal company signs and completes the documents
  • The waste disposal company sends the complete proof of disposal to the authority responsible for the disposal facility and the company that collects the waste before disposal begins.

Processing time

Processing takes place immediately upon receipt. Any additional demands or orders from the responsible authority are usually made within a few days.


32.00 EUR

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Service description

Under certain conditions, you can use the privileged procedure for your collective disposal certificate.

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