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Receive proof of successful participation in the training course for the security industry

You must prove that you have been trained in the security trade if you are employed and independently assume responsibility for security tasks in the security trade.

Important notes


German language skills at level B1 of the European reference framework

Documents required

  • Official photo ID for identification during the briefing
  • Any additional documents. You can find out more from the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce

Please note



  • Please note the possible registration deadline of the IHK

  • The proof of instruction is valid indefinitely.

Procedure & Fees


The security training is carried out and certified by the IHK.

  • You first register with your Chamber of Industry and Commerce
  • The instruction is carried out by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, takes place orally and lasts around 40 hours.
  • After full participation without absences, you will receive the certificate of participation in the course.
  • The certificate is also transmitted to the guard register.
After receiving the certificate, you may take on security tasks as an employee.

Processing time

  • Duration of the instruction: approx. 40 hours

  • The certificate is issued immediately or within a few days.


You can find out the fees from the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce. They result from the respective scale of fees of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

Legal notes

Legal remedies


Legal basis

§ 34a paragraph 1 trade regulations (GewO)

Service description

The instruction takes place at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and comprises at least 40 hours of instruction, in which you must be present without absenteeism. Among other things, you will learn about your legal rights and obligations as a security guard and techniques for dealing with people in conflict situations.
The instruction is in German, so you must have at least B1 level language skills.
After the instruction, you have to answer written and oral comprehension questions about the content in order to receive the certificate. With the certificate you will also be entered in the guard register.
In order to open a security company or work in certain areas, such as refugee accommodation, in discotheques or other public places, you must pass the more extensive security examination.
If you have a degree in a relevant training occupation, for example as a specialist for protection and security, you do not have to provide additional proof of the training.

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