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Apply for a permit to discharge wastewater into public wastewater systems

If you want to discharge wastewater (wastewater or stormwater) into a public wastewater plant or sewer system, you usually have to apply for a permit in advance.

Important notes


Permission can be granted to you if the quality and quantity of the wastewater is suitable for discharge into a public wastewater plant.

Documents required

The required documents depend on the type of wastewater that is to be discharged into the public wastewater plant. You can find more detailed information on the application form and the explanations on the application form.

Please note

The discharge permit may be associated with requirements for the pre-treatment of the wastewater and self-monitoring, as well as reporting obligations that you must fulfill. Your discharge permit may be limited in time.

You do not need a permit for certain discharges (e.g. domestic wastewater and rainwater that has not been adversely affected and has no discharge volume limit).


No. However, you must have approval before you begin the initiation process. You should therefore submit the application well in advance of the intended start of your project.

Procedure & Fees


  • You submit a written application to the responsible authority.
  • With the application you submit the other necessary documents.
  • If necessary, the responsible authority will request further documents from you.
  • The responsible authority will examine your application and decide whether to approve it.
  • The decision will be communicated to you in a written notification.
  • With the notice, you may be given requirements that you must implement.
  • You will receive a fee notice
  • You pay the administration fees

Processing time

The processing time depends on the type and scope of your submitted application. However, you must expect a processing time of up to several months.


60.00 EUR – 5,000.00 EUR

Service description

Typically, you will need a permit to initiate

  • non-domestic wastewater,
  • excavation water,
  • Groundwater from contaminated site remediation or temporary drainage to prevent structural damage,
  • Rainwater if there is a discharge limit,
  • adversely altered rainwater.
You must apply for approval from the relevant authority. You must have the permit before you start discharging the wastewater.

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