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Register a meeting

Anyone who wants to organize a public meeting in the open air must generally register it with the responsible authority 48 hours before the announcement (= invitation of participants or call via various media).

Important notes


For each meeting you must have a person who has registered the meeting and a meeting leader.
The person registering can be an individual, an organization or an association.
The meeting leader must be an individual.
This individual is responsible for the orderly conduct of the meeting and is the contact person for the police and the meeting authorities during the meeting.
The chair of the meeting must be present for the entire duration of the meeting. A representative for the meeting chair can be named.

Documents required


Please note

The responsible authority may, after cooperation discussions with other authorities involved, issue a restriction or order on the gathering or issue a ban on gatherings if the gathering poses risks to public safety that justify these measures.
A decision must be drawn up about this, which can be challenged before the administrative court.


The meeting notice must be given 48 hours before the meeting is announced.

Procedure & Fees


You submit your registration for the meeting to the responsible authority digitally or analogously.
Registration is not tied to any form.
Regardless of whether you create the registration online, in writing or verbally, the following information must be included:

  • Name and address of the organizer of the reporting person (private person or organization)
  • Name and address, telephone and fax/e-mail of the meeting chairperson
  • Description of the planned course of the meeting according to place, time and topic
  • for elevators/demonstrations, the planned route
  • If the meeting chair uses the help of stewards, their use must be reported to the responsible authority, stating the number of people expected to be deployed for this purpose.
If you would like to submit the application online:
  • You do not need to register or create an account
  • You fill out the mandatory fields of the online service
  • You will receive a confirmation email to the email address you provided.
If you would like to submit the registration by post:
  • You write e.g. For example, complete your registration using a sample template and check your information for completeness
  • You then send the registration by post or submit it to the relevant authority on site.
  • the responsible authority processes your registration and, if necessary, forwards it with comments to the local authorities (police, health department, regulatory authority); these provide feedback with possible indications of restrictive orders or threats to public safety that may justify such orders or a ban
  • As a rule, there is a cooperation discussion between the responsible authority/police and the people organizing the event
  • Feedback from the authorities will be examined separately and any cooperation at the meeting location will be decided
  • A notification confirmation will then be created and sent back to the applicant
  • the registration is confirmed or a decision with restrictive orders or a ban is issued. No fees are charged
  • Short-term notification up to 1 hour before the start of the meeting is possible
  • Significant changes to your information about the meeting must be reported to the responsible authority immediately. The responsible event management must be known to confirm the advertisement or the notice of conditions.

Processing time

4 to 24 hours



Legal notes

Legal remedies

  • Objection to restrictive orders or ban

  • Lawsuit before the administrative court

Legal basis

§ 14 Assembly Act (Assembly Act)

Service description

If you would like to organize a meeting, you must register this with the relevant authority at least 48 hours before the event is announced.
Once your registration has been received by the responsible authority, it will be forwarded to the local regulatory authority responsible for the meeting location, to the police and, if necessary, to other authorities involved. These participating authorities can then comment on the meeting you have planned.
Cooperation discussions are regularly held in advance with the authorities involved (police, public order offices) regarding the process and implementation of the meeting.

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