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Authority for Justice and Consumer Protection

Apply for a permit to operate a dental X-ray facility or make a significant change to the operation

If you want to operate an X-ray device with a CE mark in a dental practice or MKG practice, you must report the operation 4 weeks before the first use.

Detailed description

To operate a dental X-ray facility, you must register with the relevant authority.
The X-ray equipment can be put into operation once you have received confirmation of notification from the responsible authority.
If you do not receive a response within 4 weeks, you can put your indicated dental X-ray facility into operation.
If you plan to make significant changes to a dental facility, you must also notify the relevant authority in advance.




  • The notification must be made and signed by the radiation protection officer in accordance with § 69 StrlSchG.
  • The notification must be made 4 weeks before initial commissioning.

Documents required

  • Written notification according to § 19 StrlSchG signed by the radiation protection officer.
  • Approval certificate(s) from the radiation protection officer
  • In the case of group practices, a demarcation agreement does not apply to group practices
  • First acquisition of expertise in radiation protection
  • Update of the expertise in radiation protection no longer than five years old (key date regulation)
  • Confirmed notification according to § 129 Radiation Protection Ordinance (StrlSchV)
  • Expert examination of the X-ray equipment by an officially recognized expert.
  • When replacing an X-ray device, proof of the disposal of the old device is required.

Please note

The operation of a dental X-ray device without the required display is prohibited.


Submit the notification at least 4 weeks before you wish to implement the planned significant changes.


  • As the person responsible for radiation protection, you must complete the relevant notification form in full, sign it and send it to the responsible authority, including all documents listed in the notification.
  • If the documents or information required for processing are incomplete, the processing staff will contact you.
  • The responsible authority will check your advertisement and send you a confirmation of your advertisement.
  • The notification confirmation will be sent to you by post.
  • You will receive the fee notice by separate mail.
  • Once you have received confirmation of your notification, you are permitted to operate the X-ray equipment.
  • If you do not hear anything else from the responsible authority within 4 weeks of the notification, you may also put the dental X-ray device into operation.

Processing time

Processing usually takes 4 weeks after all sub-algae have been submitted to the responsible authority.


The confirmation of the advertisement is subject to a fee. The fees are calculated according to the time spent in accordance with § 2 of the Hamburg fee schedule.

Legal remedies


Legal basis

§ 19 StrlSchG

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