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Show appointment of an emission control officer

If you have newly appointed or dismissed an emissions control officer or if there have been changes in his or her area of responsibility, you must report this to the responsible emissions control authority.

Important notes


  • Before appointing an emissions control officer, you as the operator must inform the works or staff council of this.
  • You may only appoint those who have the necessary expertise and reliability as pollution control officers.
  • If you appoint several pollution control officers, you must coordinate the performance of the tasks and, in particular, form an environmental protection committee.
  • As the operator, you must support the pollution control officer in fulfilling his tasks and, in particular, provide him with auxiliary staff, rooms, facilities, equipment and resources.
  • As an operator, you must obtain the opinion of the pollution control officer before making decisions that could be important for pollution control.
  • The emissions control officer has the right to speak and can present his suggestions or concerns directly to management in the event of disagreements with the responsible operations manager.
  • The pollution control officer must not be disadvantaged because of the fulfillment of the tasks assigned to him.
  • The emissions control officer is subject to a ban on dismissal
    • even up to a year after his dismissal
    • Exception: for important reasons.

Documents required

Evidence that the emission control officer has the necessary expertise. In particular:

  1. completion of a degree in engineering, chemistry or physics at a university,
  2. participation in one or more courses recognised by the competent authority under state law in which knowledge has been imparted in accordance with Annex II of the 5th Federal Immission Control Ordinance, which is necessary for the tasks of the representative and
  3. knowledge acquired during two years of practical experience of the installation for which the agent is to be appointed or of installations which are comparable with regard to the agent's tasks.

Please note

You can find out which plants require approval and for which you must appoint an emission control officer from Annex I of the Ordinance on Immission Control and Major Accident Officers (5th BImSchV).


Immediately report any appointments, dismissals or changes to the area of responsibility of the emission control officer to the responsible authority.

Procedure & Fees


You inform your works council or staff council about the appointment of emission control officers.
You notify the responsible authority in writing of the appointment of an emission control officer. In particular, you specify the exact tasks that the emission control officer will take on. You enclose the certificates of professional qualification of the emission control officer to be appointed with the notification.
The responsible authority will accept your notification and examine it.
If necessary, the responsible authority will request further documents or information from you.
This is a report made by you. You will therefore not receive any notification from the responsible authority.

Processing time




Legal notes

Legal remedies

There is no legal remedy provided. This is purely an advertisement by you.

Legal basis

§§ 52b - 58 Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG)

5. Federal Immission Control Ordinance (BImSchV)

Service description

As an operator of certain facilities requiring approval under the Federal Immission Control Act, you must appoint one or more operational officers for immission control (immission control officers) if this is necessary in view of the type or size of the facilities due to the

  • emissions from the installations,
  • technical problems of emission control or
  • The ability of the products to cause harmful environmental effects through air pollution, noise or vibrations when used as intended

is required.

As an operator, you must immediately notify the competent authority of the appointment of the emission control officer and the description of his or her duties, as well as any changes in his or her area of responsibility and his or her dismissal.

Please enclose documents proving that the emission control officer has the necessary expertise and reliability to carry out his duties.

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