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Advise and review existing or potential training companies

If you would like to train in your company, the responsible body will advise and support you, for example the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce (HK)

Important notes


  • Your company has all the necessary facilities to ensure full training.
  • The number of people to be trained is in reasonable proportion to the number of skilled workers with trainer qualifications employed in your company

Documents required

  • The chamber will inform you directly about the necessary documents.
  • Further information can be found on the website of the competent authority or can be requested from the training advice service there.

Please note

There are no hints or special features.


For deadlines, please contact the office responsible for you.

Procedure & Fees


If you are a company and want to train for the first time or in a new profession, you should contact the responsible office as early as possible.

  • The advisors will make an appointment with you for an initial consultation.
  • A detailed consultation is usually held at your training facility.
  • If the counselor determines that further discussions, site visits, documents or evidence are necessary, a next appointment will be arranged with you promptly.
  • Alternatively, the counselor can also stipulate that the exchange with you takes place in writing, electronically or by telephone.
  • Once all open questions have been clarified on both sides, the process is complete.
  • If the consultant finds out that your company cannot, no longer, or only offers training under certain conditions, you will receive a corresponding notification from the chamber or from the authority responsible under state law.
After it has been determined that your company is suitable for the training, you are allowed to hire and train trainees.

Processing time

  • The procedure usually takes between three and 30 days.

  • If the consultant needs additional on-site visits, documents or evidence from your company to clarify questions, the time will be extended accordingly.



Legal notes

Legal remedies

  • contradiction

  • Administrative lawsuit

Legal basis

Designation: § 27 Vocational Training Act (BBIG)

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Service description

Your company may hire and train trainees if

  • the training facility is suitable in terms of type and facility for vocational training and
  • the number of trainees is in reasonable proportion to the number of training places or the number of skilled workers employed.
If your company wants to provide training for the first time, suitability will be checked on site. In addition, the training advisors inform everyone involved in the vocational training about the content requirements of the dual vocational training.
If your company cannot fully provide the required professional skills, knowledge and abilities locally, you may be able to compensate with off-site training.
After the first check, the consultants regularly visit the companies and production sites in their region to support and advise you on proper training.
Depending on the training area and profession, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Chamber of Crafts, Chamber of Agriculture or another body is responsible for examining suitability.

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