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Apply for a professional permit / professional certificate as a geriatric nurse

If you have successfully completed your state examination as a geriatric nurse, you can apply for your professional license (certificate) here.

Important notes


  • You have successfully completed your state examination in Hamburg.
  • You have not been guilty of conduct that renders you unreliable for the exercise of your profession.
  • You are not unsuitable for the exercise of the profession in terms of health.
  • You have the knowledge of the German language required for the exercise of your professional activity.

Documents required

  • Application (available online)
  • Medical certificate not older than 3 months (available online)
  • Official certificate of good conduct, not older than 3 months

Please note

Qualifications obtained abroad are not taken into account in this service, but in the area of recognition.



Procedure & Fees


With the admission to the state examination, the examinees receive all the relevant information and templates that they need to apply for the professional license.


Depending on the effort between EUR 40 and EUR 75.

Legal notes

Legal remedies

You can raise an objection to a negative decision within one month of notification at the office specified in the letterhead.

Legal basis

§ 1 Nursing Act

Section 66 Nursing Professions Act (PflBG)

Service description

After you have successfully completed your state examination as a geriatric nurse, you need a professional license in the form of a professional certificate in order to be allowed to work in this profession.
Nursing training in Germany was reformed on January 1, 2020 and the new Nursing Professions Act applies. The profession based on this is called “nursing specialist” or “nursing specialist” and is new. There is a transitional period for the professional license based on the Nursing Act. Until December 31, 2024, temporary work permits may still be granted as a geriatric nurse. The competent authority will advise you.

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