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Officially confirmed proof of disposal has been received

Are you subject to the obligation to provide proof of hazardous waste and must have proof of disposal approved? Then, under certain conditions, you will need an officially confirmed proof of disposal.

Important notes


Access to the electronic verification process via a mailbox directly at the Central Waste Coordination Center (ZKS) or via a provider.

Documents required

  • Required forms of the Evidence Ordinance
  • appropriate declaration analysis

Please note



The evidence must be valid at the time of disposal.

If the documentation is complete and correct, the authority has 30 days until official confirmation; receipt must be confirmed within 12 calendar days.

Evidence can be confirmed for a maximum of five years.

The deadline for the disposal company to send the electronic accompanying notes is 10 calendar days.

Procedure & Fees


  • Creation of the responsible declaration (cover sheet (DEN), responsible declaration (VE), declaration analysis (DA)) by the producer,
  • Supplementing the declaration of proof with the declaration of acceptance (AE) from the waste disposal company,
  • Submission of electronic evidence to the waste disposal authority,
  • Confirmation of receipt with subsequent request from the disposal authority in the case of incomplete or incorrect documents or confirmation from the disposal authority in the case of complete and correct documents.
  • Maintaining accompanying notes for every transport

Processing time

1 to 4 weeks


25.00 - 1,000.00 EUR

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Service description

The disposal, i.e. the recycling or disposal including the collection and transport of hazardous waste, is subject to a waste law verification procedure. You are obliged to do this as a person who generates waste and who owns, transports, collects and disposes of hazardous waste.

As a private household, you are exempt from this. You are also exempt from this if you are a small-scale producer who does not produce more than two tonnes of hazardous waste per year.

If you, as a waste disposer, are not approved for the privileged procedure and no collection certificate from a transporter can be used because more than 20 tonnes of waste is generated at your point of generation in the year, you will need an officially confirmed proof of disposal.

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