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Application for a radiation passport and renewal of a radiation passport

You can apply for registration or renewal of a radiation pass.

Detailed description

If you work in a third-party facility in connection with the operation of third-party X-ray facilities or stray emitters, you need a radiation pass.
You can register or renew a radiation pass with the responsible authority.
The radiation pass is valid for 6 years and is the property of the radiation pass holder.
A radiation pass is registered with the authority where the company has its headquarters.




The radiation passport must correspond to the model of a radiation passport according to general administrative regulations and contain all the necessary information.

Documents required

  • Radiation passport (with all required information and signatures)
  • Write to
  • SSR certificate (copy) (Certificate with radiation protection register number, issued by the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS))

Please note

If the radiation dose in a third-party facility, third-party business premises, during an activity in connection with a third-party X-ray facility or a third-party stray emitter is exceeded by more than one millisievert in the calendar year, work in these work areas is only permitted with a radiation pass.
The person responsible for radiation protection or the person responsible for maintaining a radiation passport ensures that only people who have a fully maintained and registered radiation passport are active in these areas.




  • Complete the radiation passport completely.
  • The radiation pass holder and the person responsible for radiation protection or the person responsible for keeping radiation passes sign the radiation pass themselves.
  • Submit the radiation passport with an informal cover letter and the necessary documents to the responsible office.
  • The responsible office will check your documents and your request. If necessary, the responsible authority may request further documents from you.
  • The responsible body registers and seals the radiation passport.
  • You will receive the radiation pass.
  • You will receive the fee notice in a separate post.

Processing time

Processing usually takes 1 to 2 weeks.


The registration of a radiation passport is subject to a fee. The fees are calculated according to the time spent in accordance with § 2 of the Hamburg fee schedule.

Address and contact information

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