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Enter an apprenticeship contract

As an employer that employs trainees, you must have their vocational training entered in the register of vocational training relationships.

Important notes


  • The vocational training contract you have concluded must comply with the Vocational Training Act and the training regulations.
  • It can only be trained in recognized training occupations. The exact designation of the training occupation is entered, if necessary with specialization.
  • The training staff and the training facility must be personally and professionally suitable.
  • When recognizing professional training, the professional training recognized in the respective federal state applies
  • In the case of minors, according to the Youth Employment Protection Act, a young person may be employed if he has been examined by a doctor within the last 14 months. You must therefore have an issued certificate of ability to work.

Documents required

  • Contract record or copy
  • Complete factual and chronological structure according to the respective training regulations
  • In the case of a shortened training period: Copies of the relevant documents (e.g. school reports)
  • Trainees under the age of 18 must present a medical certificate of the initial examination for inspection.

Please note

There are no hints or special features.


The apprenticeship contract should be reported immediately after the conclusion of the contract; at the latest before the start of vocational training.

Procedure & Fees


After the apprenticeship contract has been concluded, you must apply to the competent authority for entry in the register of apprenticeships

  • You send the application for registration, including all the required documents, to the responsible office
  • The Hamburg Chamber of Commerce checks all the information and then issues a confirmation of registration for both contracting parties
  • After signing the vocational training contract and registering with the responsible office, you as the training company must give the trainee and their legal representative a copy
  • If there are any changes to the contract during the training, please inform the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce as soon as possible.

Processing time

If the documents are complete, you will receive a confirmation of entry within four weeks.


  • The fees to be paid by the training company are based on the fee schedule of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce.

  • Registration is free of charge for trainees.

Legal notes

Legal remedies

  • contradiction

  • Administrative lawsuit

Legal basis

Designation: § 34 Vocational Training Act (BBiG)


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Service description

After the conclusion of the contract between you as the employing company and the trainees, submit an application for entry of the vocational training in the register of vocational training relationships at the responsible regional office. The responsible body will check the legality of the contract and then confirm the entry of the vocational training relationship.
The vocational training contract must contain certain minimum information.

  • Names and addresses of the contractual partners
  • The aim of the training, as well as the factual and temporal structure of the training
  • Beginning and duration of the training
  • Duration of the probationary period (minimum one month and maximum four months)
  • place of training
  • Training measures outside the company
  • Payment and amount of training allowance
  • Duration of regular working hours
  • duration of vacation
  • Conditions under which the contract can be terminated
  • other agreements
  • Signatures of all contractual partners
When registering the training relationship, a shortened training period can be agreed if previous professional training such as vocational school or a basic vocational training year has been completed. The exact regulations for this depend on your federal state and can be obtained from the competent authority.
If the trainee is not yet of legal age when the contract is concluded, the consent of the legal representative must be obtained for the conclusion of the contract. In principle, both parents together are entitled to represent, in exceptional cases one parent or a guardian.

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