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Report staffing changes at a childcare facility

If you want to make a staff change in a day-care center or for all-day education and care at schools (GBS), you must report this to the responsible supervisory authority immediately after you have taken up employment.

Important notes


As the provider, you have an operating license for the day-care center.

Documents required


Please note

The online service is currently under development and will then be made available to you.


There is an immediate obligation to notify. As soon as the new employee has taken up employment, a notification must be made.

Procedure & Fees


You can create the report in writing or with the online service. The processes differ in the determination of responsibility.

Written process:

  • You create a written notification of the staff change in your day-care center (KiTa).

  • Then send your notification to the social security authorities by post.

  • The social authorities will carry out a formal check upon receipt. If any formal errors or missing documents are found, they will contact you and ask for corrections.

  • You must complete the remediation and submit an updated notification.

  • After receiving the update, the social authority carries out a determination procedure in which the professional suitability and reliability of the person to be hired are checked.

  • If the check is positive, the change of personnel is confirmed.

  • If the test is negative, the social security authorities will contact you and explain how employment is still possible. For example, a post-qualification of the person could be necessary.

Online process:

  • You create a written report in the online service.

  • The online service carries out an automatic determination of responsibility.

  • Once the notification has been created, it is automatically forwarded to the authorities.

  • The remaining procedural steps correspond to the written procedure.

Processing time




Service description

  • As a provider of a day-care center or as a provider of all-day education and care at schools, you must report any personnel changes to the responsible office.

  • The following events are counted under personnel changes:

    • entry into employment

    • exit from employment

    • Change of place of work within a day-care center (KiTa) provider or GBS provider

    • after completing training as an educator

    • when trainees take up work for vocational training as childcare workers

    • Hiring of lateral entrants with the professional or academic qualifications defined in the positive list and the key issues paper “Key points for a temporary opening of the day-care center profession for an additional group of employees”. For example: University graduates with a specialty in pedagogy, speech therapists with post-qualification in pedagogy

    • with an exemption from the social security authority

  • In general, you must note that the notification applies to all persons who work with or on the child.

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