Hamburg District Court, central administration

Apply for a change in an entry in the legal services register

If you want to change the entry in the legal services register, you must submit an application.

Important notes


You are currently registered in the Legal Services Register.

Documents required

  • Only the evidence that is affected by the changes made needs to be submitted
  • In the case of legal persons or companies without legal personality: This evidence must be provided separately for each qualified and affected person

Please note




Procedure & Fees


  • You apply for the change to the competent authority
  • The competent authority checks whether all the necessary documents are available
  • If the check is positive, the change will be made in the legal services register

Processing time

Once you have submitted the request for a change, the responsible body will process it promptly.


The fees for matters under the Legal Services Act (RDG) are determined according to § 1 Para. 2 No. 3 of the Judicial Administration Costs Act

  1. No. 1110 Registration according to the RDG

    When registering a legal person or a company without legal personality, the fee also covers the entry of a qualified person in the legal services register: €150.00

  2. No. 1111 Entry of a qualified person in the legal services register if the entry is not covered by fee 1100, per person: €150.00

  3. No. 1112 Revocation or withdrawal €75.00

Legal notes

Legal remedies

- Complaint before the Administrative Court

- contradiction

Legal basis

Service description

If you want to provide out-of-court legal services for a fee, you must be registered in the Legal Services Register.
Registration is possible for:

  1. debt collection services
    The debt collection industry collects third-party claims or claims assigned for collection purposes and thus contributes to improving the liquidity of its clients.
  2. pension advice in the field
  • the statutory pension and accident insurance
  • of social compensation law
  • the rest of the social security and severely disabled law with reference to a statutory pension as well as
  • of the law of company and professional pensions
  • Legal services in a foreign law
If you would like to change the entry in the legal services register, you must submit an application to the responsible office.

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Room: B 009

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Mon-Fri 9 a.m.-12 p.m.

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A mailbox is available outside of the joint acceptance point's opening hours (Mon-Fri 6:15 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.). This is located at one of the doors at the main entrance to the civil justice building and is only intended for mail to the Hamburg District Court and Regional Court. The mailbox is opened when the acceptance point closes at 1:00 p.m. A timer in the mailbox automatically closes a dividing flap at midnight. The mailbox is emptied on the next working day and the contents are stamped with the appropriate incoming mail stamp.

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