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Senator of the Authority for the Environment, Climate, Energy and Agriculture: Jens Kerstan

  • Phone: +49 (40) 428 40-8000/8001
    Fax: +49 (40) 428 40-2054

State Councilor for the Environment, Climate, Energy and Agriculture Authority: Michael Pollmann

  • Phone: +49 (40) 428 40-8003
    Fax: +49 (40) 428 40-2016

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Each authority is headed by a president who, as a senator, is a member of the senate, i.e. the state government. At the top of the administration of the authorities are the State Councillors. The specialist authorities are divided into numerous offices and departments. In addition, there are the Senate Chancellery and Personnel Office, which have interdepartmental tasks. They are headed by the First Mayor.

The status of the Hamburg senators corresponds to that of a minister in other federal states. The members of the Senate assume responsibility for their respective political departments independently. They coordinate their policies with the Mayor and the other members of the Senate and represent all government policies to the outside world.
The senators are appointed and dismissed by the mayor.
In order to avoid conflicts of interest, senators are prohibited from pursuing any other professional activity. The constitution only permits the assumption of administrative and supervisory positions if the members of the government derive no material benefit from them.

Councilor of State
The office of the State Councilor corresponds to that of a State Secretary in the non-city states. The task of the state councils is to advise and support the state government. Although not part of the state government, the top political officials attend the weekly Senate meetings.
All Councils of State are assigned to an authority or a Senate office. In the hierarchy of authorities, they follow directly after the senator and the first mayor. The Councilors of State represent the Senator within the agency. In their work, they are bound by the instructions of the Senate.
Working as a member of the Council of State requires a high degree of agreement with the Senate's technical and political objectives. For this reason, the state councilors are among the political officials who can be retired immediately and without giving a reason.

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Environment, Climate, Energy and Agriculture Authority
Head of Environment and Energy Authority
Neuenfelder Straße 19 21109 Hamburg

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