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Species protection woods, rosewood, bubinga

general information on wood that is subject to species protection

Detailed description

Some tree species fall under species protection regulations. In a list of protected tree species from the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation you will find the protected species according to the currently valid law. Please also note the explanations of the footnotes on the last page of the wood species list, which show which products of the respective species are covered by the protection status.



Please note

International trade in tropical timber has increased significantly in recent years. In order to regulate trade, more than 200 tree species are now protected by the Washington Convention on Endangered Species (CITES). Germany is also an important import country for tropical timber. For effective and practicable CITES enforcement and also to curb illegal trade in protected tree species, it is necessary to be able to identify the relevant CITES-listed woods or to be able to distinguish them from woods that look similar.

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