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Conversion of state-recognized academic degrees acquired abroad by late resettlers after BVFG recognition has taken place

You are a late repatriate and would like to convert your university degree.

Important notes


  • You are a late repatriate
  • You have obtained your university degree from a state-recognized university in a resettlement area

Documents required

  • Award certificate (degree)
  • Translation of the award certificate by sworn interpreters
  • List of subjects and grades or study book
  • Translation of the index of subjects and grades by sworn interpreters
  • CV
  • Confirmation of registration (residence in Hamburg)
  • Certificate of change of name if the name in the certificate of award differs from the name currently used
  • identity card/passport
  • Federal Sales IDs

Please note

No hints or special features.


No deadlines.

Procedure & Fees


In order to have the qualifications you obtained abroad checked, you must submit an application. Address this to: or .

The competent authority compares the degree you obtained abroad with the German reference degree.
The conversion procedure ends with either a positive or a negative decision.
Partial recognition is not intended.

Processing time



None apply to late repatriates recognized under the BVFG


Legal notes

Legal remedies

An objection to the issued decision can be raised within one month.

Legal basis

§ 10 Law on the Matters of Expelled Persons and Refugees (Federal Expellees Act - BVFG)

Service description

You can submit your university degree documents to the BWFGB. As a late repatriate, you are entitled to a procedure in which it is checked whether your state-recognized academic degree acquired abroad can be converted into a German academic degree. The prerequisite is that your qualification is equivalent to a German university degree.

Contact in the BWFGB: or .

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