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Apply for a license for private hospitals, private maternity hospitals and private mental hospitals

If you would like to open a private hospital, private maternity hospital or private mental hospital, please contact us.

Important notes


according to § 30 trade regulations
among other things:

  • reliability
  • Ensuring medical and nursing care
  • Suitability of the structural and other technical equipment
  • Suitability of the building and location

Documents required

General Information:

  • naming of the institution
  • Naming of the body responsible for the facility
  • if applicable, articles of incorporation, register excerpts
  • as well as a current certificate of good conduct for the managing director and the medical director
  • Appointment of the responsible medical director including certified copies of the license to practice medicine and the specialist certificate
  • Named staff overview with information on the professional qualifications of the doctors (copy of the license to practice medicine) and the staff who are responsible for ensuring the nursing and therapeutic care of the patients.

Information about the building:
  • construction drawings
  • List of rooms with room number and number of beds
  • Functional designation of the rooms
  • for new buildings/conversions: building permit
  • if applicable, rental, lease or purchase agreement
  • if necessary, approval for the misappropriation of living space

More information:
  • Declaration on the medical and nursing care "around the clock", in particular the on-call service
  • Specific information on emergency equipment and the organization of emergency care at the clinic
  • Information on patient catering, if necessary naming the caterer
  • Information on who the medicines are obtained from, who disposes of the clinical waste, who does the laundry and who cleans the premises

Please note

According to the law, only private hospitals that are operated commercially, i.e. with the intention of making a profit, are covered. Day clinics, practice clinics or other facilities in which medical services are provided exclusively on an outpatient basis are not included.



Procedure & Fees


The application for the granting of a license according to Section 30 GewO is submitted to the Office of Public Health, Department of Health Care Planning. After the application has been submitted, the responsible district departments (health, construction) are informed and involved.

After the exam, you will receive the result in writing

Processing time

about 2-6 weeks


EUR 31.50 to 800

Legal notes

Legal remedies

An objection to a negative decision can be raised within one month of notification at the office specified in the letterhead.

Legal basis

§ 30 trade regulations (GewO)

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If you would like to open a private hospital, private maternity hospital or private mental hospital, please contact us.
Entrepreneurs of private hospitals and private maternity hospitals as well as private mental hospitals require a license in Hamburg. The granting of this license must be applied for in writing.

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