Department of Home Affairs and Sport

Opportunity Right of Residence

Tolerated persons who have been living in Germany without interruption for at least five years on October 31, 2022 should receive an 18-month residence permit.

Important notes


You can apply for an opportunity residence permit if you

  • have been tolerated, permitted or have lived in Germany with a residence permit for at least 5 years on October 31, 2022,
  • you are committed to the free democratic basic order,
  • You have not committed a criminal offense (except for convictions with a minor sentence)
  • You have not repeatedly provided false information about your identity and thereby prevented deportation.

Documents required

  • Application
  • passport copy
  • employment contract or training contract
  • 3 recent payslips
  • Certificate of enrollment (if available)
  • Lease agreement, along with current proof of rent (e.g. bank statement)
  • Notification of job center (if available)
  • school certificates of the children, if applicable
  • Proof of completion of an integration course (if already available)

Please note

FAQs are available on the website of the Office for Migration, which contain the most important questions about the application and the requirements for the right of residence after the expiry of the 18-month opportunity right of residence. The information is available for download (also in English translation) at the end of the website.


How much time do I have to apply for the right of residence?

In principle, you have 3 years to submit an application. Because the new regulation of the right of residence will expire 3 years after it has come into force. This is intended to give persons who meet the application requirements on the cut-off date (October 31, 2022) sufficient opportunity to submit corresponding applications, taking into account the processing times in the immigration authorities.

Procedure & Fees


Where can you apply for the right of residence?
By post:
Department of Interior and Sport
Office for migration
Hammer Street 30 - 34
22401 Hamburg
Phone: +49 40 428 28 - 0
or via email:

Processing time

Due to the very high number of applications, the processing of the application may take some time. If your application has been checked positively, you will be given an appointment for an interview.


For people who depend on social benefits for their livelihood, the application is free of charge. For all other people the costs are 100 euros.

Legal notes

Service description

You currently have a Duldung (suspension of deportation) and have on
31.10.2022 have you lived in Germany without interruption for five years? Then
should issue you with a one-time so-called opportunity residence permit upon application
be granted for 18 months. This will give you the opportunity to do the rest
Prerequisites for issuing a residence permit for well-integrated
young people and young adults or in the case of sustainable integration.
This includes in particular the proof of identity and the independent securing of your livelihood.

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