Display location changes of animal exhibitions and animal markets (e.g. traveling circus).

If you want to display animals at different locations, you must notify the responsible authority in advance.

Important notes


  • You need a permit according to Section 11 of the Animal Welfare Act (does not apply to non-commercial circuses)

Documents required

  • Permission according to § 11 Animal Welfare Act does not apply to non-commercial circuses
  • event permit
  • registration number

Please note

The online service is currently only available for the district of Hamburg-Mitte.


Deadline type: reporting deadline / notification deadline


Every change of location must be reported to the competent authority when leaving the previous location. (Not applicable to non-commercial circuses)

Procedure & Fees


You must report non-commercial circuses and other facilities for displaying animals at different locations. This is done by the competent authority. You can place this ad informally.

If you want to place the ad informally:

  • Describe your request and provide all necessary information:
    • Details of the organizer and the person responsible
    • Place, time and period of the event
    • Information on the exhibited animal species
    • Details of the rooms and facilities intended for the display
  • Submit the requested evidence
  • Send the application to the competent authority by e-mail or by post
  • Your notification will be accepted by the competent authority.
  • You will receive a confirmation.
  • If you have any questions about the report, the competent authority will contact you
  • You will be notified in the event of a restriction or ban.

Processing time

Duration: about 1 week to 3 weeks

Remark for further information on the processing time:

The processing time depends on the size of the ad.


for free

No fees are currently charged. The schedule of fees for public consumer protection applies in Hamburg.

Please inquire with your competent authority.

Legal notes

Legal remedies


Legal basis

§ 16 paragraph 1a Animal Welfare Act (TiersSchG)

Service description

Special obligations apply to events involving animals. As the organizer, you have to advertise certain animal events at different locations. Included:

  • non-commercial circuses
  • the commercial display of animals
  • and other facilities where animals are displayed
You must report this type of animal event at changing locations to the authority responsible at the event location.

Under certain circumstances, the competent authority can restrict or prohibit events of this type.
This may be necessary, among other things, to combat animal diseases. The competent authority will inform you about the restrictions or bans.

Public Service Disclaimer

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