HafenCity Elbtower

On the eastern tip of the futuristic HafenCity district, the construction of Hamburg’s tallest skyscraper commenced in 2021.

Elbtower and Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg, Germany

Elbtower Hamburg

Once the Elbtower is inaugurated in 2025/26, it will be Hamburg’s tallest building, reaching 235 metres (771 feet) in height. Standing twice as tall as the Elbphilharmonie concert venue on the western tip of HafenCity, the easternmost structure of Hamburg’s newest district will be reminiscent of a ship’s bow protruding from the Elbe river.  

A gate to the world

The slim and elegant high-rise will be located between the Elbbrücken bridges, greeting commuters who cross over them via busy roads and rails. The new Elbbrücken station in front of the tower will connect the ambitious building project with the rest of the city. 

The sculpture-like skyscraper will serve a variety of commercial purposes. Next to retail, entertainment and gastronomy areas on the lower floors, the tower will offer room for a hotel, gym and coworking spaces. The upper floors will likely be occupied by office space. The social heart of the building will be the sun-flooded atrium in the structure’s triangular base, which will assist the development of the surrounding Grasbrook and Billebogen areas. 

Construction of Hamburg’s newest landmark started in 2021.


Concepts for the realisation, utilisation and architectural approach have been ratified, and the bidding process has been finalised. The international jury has agreed unanimously on the architectural concepts of David Chipperfield Architects and to realisation through the Austrian real estate company SIGNA Prime Selection AG. The monumental building will be financed by private entities and is designed to integrate well with Hamburg’s cityscape.

KM1 Con Prinz Elbtower


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