Port Anniversary

Port Anniversary Hagengeburtstag 2020

The Port Anniversary is an essential part of Hamburg’s city life. The 831st anniversary was celebrated in 2020 – regardless of COVID-19.

Parade during Port Anniversary in front of 'The Lion King' musical theatre A view from the other side of the plaza of Elbphilharmonie. The popular musical theatre 'The Lion King' opened its doors in 2001. More than 11 million people have seen the show so far.

Port Anniversary 2020 - Follow online!

The show must go in! Even though Hamburg's 2020 Port Anniversary Hamburg was cancelled due to COVID-19, Hamburg celebrated its harbour all the same – residents and fans took part virtually in the comfort of their own living rooms. This is Hamburg after all, and the celebration of the city's port and maritime lifestyle couldn't be missed.

The highlights of every Port Anniversary are the Grand Arrival Parade, the Tugboat Ballet, the AIDA fireworks and the Great Departure Parade, putting the ships at the heart of the celebrations. Everyone was able to watch these highlights on the hamburg.de site as well as the Hamburg – meine Stadt and Hafengeburtstag Hamburg Facebook pages.

Accompanying the usual highlights, there were various Hamburg-based musical acts playing exclusive shows. On top of that, Hamburg.de broadcast a brand-new episode of waschecht.hamburg (in collaboration with SAM-Medien, Toneworx and hamburg.de). As part of the special programme, interviews were broadcast from the MS Cap San Diego, the world’s largest seaworthy museum cargo ship. You can find more information and the full programme at hamburg.de/hafengeburtstag and via the hamburg.de social media pages.


This special edition of the Port Anniversary 2020 took place online from 8 to 10 May.


Online at hamburg.de as well as the Hamburg – meine Stadt and Hafengeburtstag Hamburg Facebook pages.

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