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Six kilometres of events, music and food stands: it's best to come prepared in order to enjoy the PORT ANNIVERSARY to the fullest.

Port Anniversary in Hamburg, Germany: FAQs

PORT ANNIVERSARY - FAQs - All information concerning Hamburg's busiest weekend

When is the next Port Anniversary scheduled to take place?

The next Port Anniversary is scheduled to take place 6-8 May, 2022.

How large is the area?

The PORT ANNIVERSARY or HAFENGEBURTSTAG spans an area of 6 kilometres along the Elbe river. From the Elbphilharmonie in HafenCity all the way over the Fish Market and the Oevelgönne museum port more than 200 single events await eager visitors. The "Bunte Hafenmeile" section between Baumwall and Landungsbrücken station is full of entertainment and food stands that will leave nothing to be desired.

How do I find my way around the area?

Between Landungsbrücken station and HafenCity a mobile information team will answer all your questions. A tourist information at Landungsbrücken offers further advice. At several locations along the area, maps will help you navigate. Prior to the event, brochures and maps will also be printed and made available for download. In addition, a Hafengeburtstag-App will guide you through the gigantic whirl that is the PORT ANNIVERSARY. 

Where can I find the ships?

Starting in April, berth maps will be available. Many tall ships and service vessels are located by the Landungsbrücken and Brandenburger Hafen docks. Historic ships are berthed at Traditionsschiffhafen and Oevelgönne museum port. Locations for the many open ship events can be found here
Current positions can also be followed in real-time via the ship radar
Did you book a fare on one of the many ships? Please mind that berthing spots are not always identical with entry points. Contact your travel agency for further information. 

Where can I find the stages?

Free live music on a total of 10 different stages will suit everyone taste. The locations are distributed across the entire area. See Bühnen und Bühnenstandorte for further information. 

Can I fly my drone above the area?

During HAFENGEBURTSTAG drone flights are prohibited due to safety reasons above the area, as well as closer than 100 metres to the area.  

Can I bring my dog?

Dogs are not allowed in the area during the PORT ANNIVERSARY.  

Is there a lost and found?

In case of lost or found property, please contact the Wasserschutzpolizei (river police) at Landungsbrücken docks 4 and 5 as well as the mobile police station at Kehrwiederspitze.

What can I do if I lost my child in the crowd?

At Bunte Hafenmeile and through the mobile information team, free special bracelets are handed to parents. Enter the kid's name and your telephone number and your child will be back in your arms in no time. 

Where can I find the nearest police station?

The Wasserschutzpolizei (river police) can be found on Landungsbrücken docks 4 and 5. Another station is located at Kehrwiederspitze.

Are there any public restrooms?

Yes, simply see this map. 


Are there any cash machines?

Information will be added shortly. 

Where can I find first aid?

Please see this map.


Will the area be accessible by car?

Stricter check-ups will be in place for vehicles entering the PORT ANNIVERSARY area. Driving along the area will not be permitted. Delivery transports can only be made before and after the event (max. 30 min before and min. 30 minutes after).
In extremely urgent cases, transport vehicles can be exempted from this rule. A special conditional approval can be granted by the BWVI state agency (e.g. for entertainment and food stands) or the responsible police station (pk1431va@polizei.hamburg.de).

Is the area fully accessible to wheelchairs? 

How do I reach the Landungsbrücken docks?
Wheelchairs can access the docks before Landungsbrücken via a bridge close to Alter Elbtunnel.

Where can I find wheelchair-friendly restrooms?
Accessible restrooms can be found in the eponymous Landungsbrücken building at dock 4. Further facilities are located at dock 2 and 10 as well as in the BLOCKBRÄU and Hard Rock Café restaurants (also located at Landungsbrücken). Additional facilities can be found by the round tower by the Cap San Diego steamer. 

It is advisable to visit the pontoons of Landungsbrücken docks with regards to tides, as ships and ferries can be reached easier during high water.

How can I reach the Alter Elbtunnel?
From Landungsbrücken, the entrance of Alter Elbtunnel with its copper-plated roof is easy to find. An elevator carries you down into the tunnel, where 500 metres of easy access ground reach all the way to the other side of the river.

Promenades and museums in HafenCity and Speicherstadt
In HafenCity, undergrounds are even and ramps let you access terraces and promenades along the Elbe river. The HafenCity Infocenter offers all necessary information regarding Hamburg's most significant urban development project. A spacious elevator is located on-site.
Several barrier-free cafes and restaurants are located around Internationales Maritimes Museum.

Port Anniversary FAQs


Port Anniversary