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Your child deserves a treat here and there. See this list of beautiful playgrounds in Hamburg and take the kids on an afternoon they will always remember.

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Hamburg's top playgrounds - 6 places that your kids will love!

Many people’s fondest childhood memories of Hamburg aren’t connected to the major sights in the city centre, but rather the smaller things. The ice-cream on the Oevelgönne beach, the ferry-ride across the Elbe river… or a carefree summer afternoon at one of Hamburg’s many playgrounds. Luckily, with the broad offer of different facilitites distributed across the entire city, kids will never run tired of exploring new playgrounds. And there’s something in it for the parents too: especially if you’re new to the city, it’s sometimes incrediby hard to meet new people. On playgrounds however, there’s plenty of time to talk to the other kids’ parents. Brief chats soon become play dates which sometimes turn into lifelong friendships. For an overview of some of the absolute best of countless playgrounds in Hamburg, see the list below.

Volksdorf - Schemmannstraße

Certainly one of Hamburg’s prettiest playgrounds, this spot in the northern neighbourhood of Volksdorf was widely renovated in 2008, making it one of the largest playgrounds in the city. The 14,400 square-metre area is comfortably located by the Berner Au stream. Among its highlights are a castle and playground mainstays like swings, slides and a ropeway. The designers even paid attention to making some of the equipment accessible to all. Older kids can play football, basketball and volleyball on the adjacent courts and fields. A wooden gazebo is perfect for hosting birthdays and grilling parties. See this link for more information (German only).

Alt-Steilshoop - Appelhoffweiher pond

It doesn’t always take a trip to the countryside to feel like a farmer. Residents of Alt-Steilshoop quarter simply spend some time by the Appelhoffweiher pond. The playground there is modelled after an apple farm, the likes of which could once be found in the area aplenty, as the name ‘Appelhoff’ stills suggests. The playground is equipped with plenty of wooden structures, and kids can explore tractors, barns and a farm shop, as well as swingsets, slides, trampolines, a ropeway and an area for ball games. See this link for more information.

Hamburg-Neustadt - Planten un Blomen

This unique playground is the setting of many a fond childhood memory for Hamburg natives, and it’s one of the most well-known playgrounds in the city to boot. After all these years, it is also still the largest and most popular playground in Hamburg - and it shows: expect lots of fun and lots of children on the central climbing rock, the swings, slides and pools. Restrooms, a kiosk and a separate area for toddlers can also be found. See this link for additional information.

Eppendorf - Baui

Every kid in Eppendorf knows the Baui. Considering that they can pet animals like guinea pigs and goats, this hardly comes as a surprise. Plus, children can try out lots of different vehicles (no motors, of course), climb, or play ball games. As the name suggests, there is also a large focus on building and creating things (bauen = to build). Afternoon entertainment and even organised holiday trips make this one of the greatest playgrounds in Hamburg. Please mind opening hours. Baui is free of charge.

HafenCity - Piratenspielplatz

This pirate-themed playground next to HafenCity’s UniLever-Haus has been a big hit with little wannabe sailors since it was remodelled in 2013 and is always worth a visit. The rigging of the wooden ships is perfect for climbing like a real pirate, while the water fountains provide the necessary spray of water in the faces of young adventurous seafarers. Parents can relax on the benches, have a picnic and enjoy Grasbrookpark.

Wilhelmsburg - Wüstenwellen & Windflüchter

The playgrounds near the old water works in the gorgeous Inselpark are especially worth a visit. Both the water playground, with its remarkable fountain, and the Westerwelle playground are a kid’s dream come true - especially on a hot summer day. A special treat for parents: while the kids are playing, you can relax on the surrounding meadows. It doesn’t get boring on these 85 hectares.

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