Kids & Family Playgrounds east of the Alster

The neighbourhoods east of the lake are dominated by vast residential areas. It is also where kids can find plenty of exciting playgrounds.

Swings on a Hamburg playground

Hamburg's Playgrounds - East of the Alster

The east of Hamburg is dominated by many residential areas as well as an endless supply of beautiful green areas. In other words: perfect conditions for some amazing playgrounds. Take your children to one of the play areas below for a great time. And for the grown-ups, valuable parenting advice and some much-needed quiet time on a park bench come for free.

Bergedorf - Chrysanderstraße by the castle

As soon as the sun peeks out from behind the clouds, Bergedorf’s families flock to the district’s historical castle. While parents enjoy wandering through the parks and gardens that surround the old structure, the young ones can’t wait to explore the playground with its skate rink and other attractions. See this link for more information (German only).

Barmbek - Krausestraße

Unassuming at first glance, this playground in the former working class neighbourhood of Barmbek offers more than meets the eye. It is surprisingly green once you find your way through the densely-populated neighbourhood. Younger kids love the water fountains while the older ones enjoy the football pitch.

Barmbek-Nord - Johannes-Prassek-Park

This playground in Johannes-Prassek-Park is the perfect spot for learning how to ride a bike or skateboard. Both the concrete path winding through the playground and the skate park are perfect for beginners and experienced riders alike. Fo more information, see this German-language article.

St. Georg - Lohmühlenpark

Lohmühlenpark is one of the favourite summertime meeting places for families in St. Georg. Between the Alster lake and the main station kids have few opportunities to play and run around. Here, however, play and sport areas abound in a surprisingly quiet and green corner of the neighbourhood. See this link for additional information.

Playgrounds east of the Alster


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