Kids & Family Playgrounds south of the Elbe

What better place to get to know other parents than on a playground? While kids have a fun time exploring, their parents can connect with people from the neighbourhood.

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Hamburg's Playgrounds - South of th Elbe river

Very often it's the smaller things that turn out to become your fondest childhood memories. Like a carefree summer day at one of southern Hamburg’s beautiful playgrounds. Kids love to explore these places whenever the weather allows it. Meanwhile parents can meet new people with ease. With a coffee and endless time on your hands, brief chats about parenting become play dates and ever so often lifelong friendships. 

Whether you wish to revisit your old stomping grounds or just plan on taking your kids to a new playground every once in a while, here’s a (non-exhaustive) list of some of the city’s most unique and beloved play areas.

Harburg - Harburger Rathausplatz

Take your kids on a trip through time to the centrally-located Rathausplatz square in the district of Harburg. Since 2008, the stone age-themed playground has been giving kids a great introduction to the Helms Museum for Archaeology  located just opposite the playground. See this link for further information (German only).

Harburg - Marmstorfer Weg

For many Harburg-based families with kids a hot summer day means either the playground or the local outdoor pool. Well, why not combine the two? On the water playground in the Harburg Stadtpark, little ones can play around and cool off in the refreshing water fountains. See this link for more information (German only).

Nettelnburg - Katendeich

It’s a well known fact that kids love dinosaurs. On this Nettelnburg-based playground by the Katendeich levee, children can encounter these primeval creatures from up-close. And the best part? The dinosaurs are made of stone so they are perfectly content to let kids climb all over their backs. More modern attractions like swing sets, ropeways, a carousel and a trampoline allow kids to play to their hearts’ content. See this link for additional information.

Neugraben-Fischbek - "Biberland"

A rainwater playground, constructed in 2013, awaits visitors to the vast green areas of Neugraben-Fischbek. Here children can explore the natural cycle of water in the middle of a multi-generation residential area. The industrious beaver is not only the namesake but also the icon of the playground, combining the elements of water and wood like no other. More German-language information can be found here.

Neuwiedenthal - Drachenthal

This playground lies like a sleeping dragon in its lair. Surrounded by highrises, the giant concrete sculpture of a fairytale beast is the centrepiece of this beautiful playground in Neuwiedenthal quarter. Lots of fun awaits kids here - scaling the dragon via a climbing wall is one of the most popular attractions. The name Drachenthal has been chosen by residents and simply means ‘the dragon’s valley’.

Neuwiedenthal - Rehrstieg Park

A striking feature of Rehrstieg park is the red concrete walkway that winds its way through the hilly terrain. The playground is designed for younger and older kids alike and measures a total of 18,300 square metres. The open concept makes it easy for parents to keep track of their children at all times, which can come in handy when parenting becomes a demanding full-time job. See this link for more German-language information.

Wilhelmsburg - Sanitasstraße

The banks of the Vering canal used to be lined mainly with factories, but now there is a beautiful playground for the many young families in Wilhelmsburg’s Reiherstiegviertel quarter. see this link for more information (German only).

Wilhelmsburg - Wüstenwellen & Windflüchter

The playgrounds near the old water works in the gorgeous Inselpark are especially worth a visit. Both the water playground, with its remarkable fountain, and the Westerwelle playground are a kid’s dream come true - especially on a hot summer day. A special treat for parents: while the kids are playing, you can relax on the surrounding meadows. It doesn’t get boring on these 85 hectares.

Playgrounds south of the Elbe


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