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Pictures, videos and podcasts: Hamburgs’ MKG expands its online portfolio to access and enjoy at home.

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Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Museum of Arts and Trade - online

Using the keyphrase ‘MuseumFromHome’, the Museum for Art and Trade (MKG) helps visitors pass the time until they can visit in person once again. The staff is currently planning to present assorted pieces from their collections and exhibitions in short video clips on the museum’s Facebook page.

Stop by virtually to discover the hidden secrets of a seemingly ordinary dress from 1768. Or learn exciting details about two special objects from the current exhibition The Poster. 200 Years of Art and History.

View MKG's short presentations on Facebook.

For anyone interested in musical instruments, ranging from the ancient to the modern and edgy, the MKG app provides access to their catalogue of musical instruments. Listen away through music history and view all the objects and instruments in stunning high-resolution images.

Or go on a fictional photographic journey on the Exciting Years web journal of the Jugendstil, the German Art Nouveau. Walk this time of renewal in the footsteps of avant-gardists and discover their original documents.

For more information, visit the MKG homepage and follow #culturedoesntstop on social media.

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