Museum Ships MS Stubnitz

A rare seafaring gem has found a permanent home in HafenCity: formerly a GDR fishing vessel, the MS Stubnitz is now a buzzing event location.

MS Stubnitz The MS Stubnitz is moored on Kirchenpauer quai in Baakenhafen port. 

MS Stubnitz - A museum ship and popular event location in HafenCity

In HafenCity’s Baakenhafen port, a rare seafaring gem has found a permanent home: the MS Stubnitz is a former refrigeration and transport ship once belonging to the GDR’s fishing fleet. Today, it is mainly used as a museum ship and event location. For special events like the annual Port Anniversary, the old lady still goes for an occasional trip up and down the Elbe river

After her construction in Stralsund and subsequent launch in 1964, the Stubnitz was used for fishing out of the port of Sassnitz. In 1984, Rostock became the Stubnitz’s port of call. As a refrigeration and transport ship, the Stubnitz was mainly used for temporary storage of up to 60 tonnes of fish until the haul was shipped onto larger refrigeration vessels. Throughout the years, the ship traveled to far-off places such as Svalbard and Mozambique. Today, the ship is the last remaining specimen of its kind. 

After the Unification 

After restructuring the fleet following the German unification in 1990, the MS Stubnitz was sold off. She eventually landed in the hands of an art collective, which used the ship as a floating platform for music, arts and culture. After regaining permission for international sea travel in 2000, the Stubnitz set course for cities such as Riga, Bruges, London and Copenhagen. In 2013, the ship was awarded as a special event location by the German government. It is scheduled to remain in the HafenCity neighbourhood on Kirchenpauer quay until at least 2026, in direct proximity of HafenCity University.  

A floating industrial monument 

Despite reconstruction works, large parts of the Stubnitz remained intact and original, making the ship one of the oldest and most technically authentic maritime vessels in active seafaring. From the electromagnetic direct current machinery to the bridge, radio room, quarters and on-board hospital, the interior has been widely kept in its original condition. Because of its historic and cultural significance, the Stubnitz was even awarded monument protection in 2003. 

Technical Data

Type: Refrigeration ship
Keel laying: 15 February, 1964
Launch: 1 June, 1964
Measurements: 2.541 GT
Length: 79.78m 
Width: 13.2m 
Crew: 59, since 1992: 14
Draught: max. 4.9m
Velocity: max. 12 knots 
Port of Call: Rostock


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