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Made in Hamburg Brands and Products

Nivea, Hansaplast, Montblanc & Airbus. Numerous products put Hamburg on the map, some enjoy iconic status across the world.

There are more Hamburg products you've already heard of Airbus in Hamburg-Finkenwerder has round about 11,000 employees

Brands and Products made in Hamburg

Hamburg is home to innovators and business people, creators of products with global significance. Let’s take a look at some big brands across a range of industries.

Nivea is a household name and, with its iconic blue Nivea Creme tin container, a global success since 1911. The brand’s skincare products are manufactured by Beiersdorf, which is headquartered in Hamburg and active in more than 200 countries around the globe. Other Beiersdorf brands include Hansaplast, Labello and Tesa. 

If you are travelling to Hamburg by air, chances are good that the plane was assembled by Airbus in Hamburg-Finkenwerder. Part of the Airbus group, the German branch is responsible for assembly and handover to international carriers and maintains a huge spare parts warehouse. The Airbus Beluga Transporter that connects with the French and British Airbus locations is a common sight over the city skyline.

Hamburg’s creative industries are a major global player as well. Hamburg-based companies such as Goodgames and Bigpoint are behind some of your favourite browser games, and social network Xing is indispensable for every professional on the job hunt.      

Last but not least, Montblanc stands for high-quality ballpoint and fountain pens.

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