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Starting 27 April 2020, wearing a face mask is obligatory while grocery shopping and using public transport in Hamburg. Here is how you can get your face mask, whether DIY, donation-based or in support of your favourite sports team.

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Get Face Masks in Hamburg

Obligatory Use of Face Masks

Starting 27 April, 2020, the use of a protective face mask in public is obligatory in areas of public transport, retail businesses and markets in order to slow the spread of COVID-19. Until then, using face masks in these areas is still highly recommended. Click here for more information.

How to wear a protective face mask

Please note that the protective face masks offered by the retailers on this page are not medical devices and may not be sold as such. The main purpose of the face masks is to reduce the risk of infecting other people through the respiratory droplets emitted from your mouth and nose. Raising awareness for social distancing and respectful interaction is a convenient by-effect.

The masks should be worn while doing your grocery shopping and using public transportation. Wash your mask after every single use, ideally at 95°C (or at at least 60°C), and let them dry completely before using again.

Independent shops by Hamburg retailers

Many independent retailers in Hamburg present and sell their handmade products online. Here is a selection of shops offering individually hand-crafted face masks. 

  • At Zick und Zack Shop, Katharina offers made-to-order face masks for €20. Choose from a range of patterns and fabrics, including choices in organic cotton quality.
  • For €15 each, Fiebmatz produces colourful cloth masks that can be easily adjusted and equipped with a filter. Half of the profits will be donated to hospitals or nursing homes for the elderly.
  • Hamburg non-profit social project Goldeimer have solidarity face masks for €8.90 each to complement their toilet paper stock. All profits will be donated to the Welthungerhilfe COVID-19 aid fund.
  • Recolution have face masks made from organic materials with unique prints for €12. For every two masks ordered, a third will be donated to people experiencing homelessness in Hamburg. Shipping starts in May, but you can preorder now.
  • For those who can’t wait for the football matches to start again, you can support your team with pride by obtaining face masks from FC St. Pauli (€14.95) and HSV (€4.95) web shops.

If you'd rather make your own face mask, here are some handy instructions for sewists and non-sewists alike.

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Health COVID-19 (coronavirus) Guidelines

Strict guidelines have been put in place to combat the spread of the covid-19 coronavirus.