Wildlife Parks by Distance 90-120 Minutes Away From Hamburg

If you’re looking for a fun weekend excursion or a day trip a bit farther from home, here are some of our favourite wildlife parks within a two hour drive of Hamburg.

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Wildlife parks close to Hamburg

Otter-Zentrum Hankensbüttel
Address: Sudendorfallee 1, 29386 Hankensbüttel
Distance: approx. 1.5 hours from Hamburg*

The Otter-Zentrum Hankenbüttel otter centre in Gifhorn on the southern edge of the Lüneburger Heide heathlands is not to be missed. The 60,000 square metre site is dedicated to the nimble and shy animals. Badgers, ermines, stone martens and mink also call the centre home, giving visitors a unique opportunity to observe these creatures and learn about their habitats. The feedings, which happen several times daily, are also a highlight for guests. 

Westküstenpark & Robbarium St. Peter-Ording
Address: Wohldweg 6, 25826 Sankt Peter-Ording
Distance: approx. 1.5 hours from Hamburg *

As the largest seal facility in Germany, the Westküstenpark & Robbarium in St. Peter Ording has a lot for visitors to see. The adorable seals are front and centre, but pelicans, storks, raccoons and white-tailed eagles make the trip even more worthwhile. The animals can be seen in action during the feedings, which take place several times a day. The park is also dedicated to the protection of species and participates in the European conservation breeding program.

Seehundstation Friedrichskoog Seal Centre
Address: An der Seeschleuse 4, 25718 Friedrichskoog
Distance: approx. 1.5 hours from Hamburg *

The seal centre in the North Sea resort town of Friedrichskoog is primarily a breeding and research station dedicated to various species of seals, so there are cute babies galore. Visitors can either observe the animals from above their 800 cubic metre pool system or at the underwater window. Twice a day visitors can observe the young animals being fed.

Tierpark Gettorf Wildlife Park
Address: Süderstraße 33, 24214 Gettorf
Distance: approx. 1.5 hours from Hamburg*

850 animals from 150 species live in the Gettorf Tierpark zoo near Kiel. The variety is correspondingly colorful and ranges from monkeys and flamingos to meerkats and parrots, chimpanzees and parakeets to prairie dogs and kangaroos. The park is beautifully designed so visitors feel as if they’re traveling amidst extensive flower arrangements. Many of the enclosures even feature free audio tours!

Zoo in der Wingst
Address: Am Olymp 1, 21789 Wingst
Distance: approx. 1.5 hours from Hamburg*

The zoo is located in the scenic Wingst area. Animals like flamingos, vervet monkeys, dingoes, kangaroos, ocelots and monkeys delight young and old. There are even large predators, like lions, brown bears and wolves. A viewing platform between the bear and wolf enclosures offers a particularly good view. Visitors can watch feedings several times a day, and you can also register for an evening wolf tour (not included in the admission price).

Esel- und Landspielhof Nessendorf Donkey Park
Address: Wiesengrund 3, 24327 Blekendorf
Distance: approx. 1.5 hours from Hamburg*

If you like donkeys, you will definitely feel at home at the Esel- und Landspielhof Nessendorf donkey park and playground in Nessendorf. Visitors can have very close encounters with the calm animals. The donkeys aren’t the only attraction - there is also an adventure playground, as well as a play barn where visitors can learn the story of the mini and XXL donkeys. And of course there is also a donkey souvenir shop where you can buy a keepsake to remember these gentle equines.

Ströhen Nature Park
Address: Tierparkstraße 43, 49419 Ströhen
Distance: approx. 2 hours from Hamburg*

The Ströhen Nature Park is located in the north German lowlands exactly in the triangle between Hanover, Osnabrück and Bremen. Mammals and birds from five continents live in the over 300,000 square metre park with natural outdoor facilities - visitors will encounter native fallow deer and lynxes as well as exotic species like alpacas, kangaroos, gibbons or tigers.

*The distance refers to the travel time by car

Wildlife Parks 90-120 Minutes Away