Wildlife Parks by Distance 35-60 Minutes Away From Hamburg

There are plenty of wildlife parks and game preserves near Hamburg’s borders. Here are the best parks under an hour’s drive from the city.

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Wildlife parks close to Hamburg

If a day trip is what you’re after, why not visit the animals at one of the many wildlife parks within an hour’s drive of Hamburg? These places offer a variety of experiences, whether you’re hoping to see lions and tigers or creatures native to the local environment. Here are our favourite wildlife parks just beyond Hamburg’s borders. 

Serengeti Park Hodenhagen
Address: Am Safaripark 1, 29693 Hodenhagen
Distance: approx. 1 hour from Hamburg*

The Serengeti Park in Hodenhagen offers visitors an up-close look at wilderness. The park's 17 outdoor enclosures allow wild animals, such as elephants, giraffes, zebras, monkeys and even lions, tigers and bears, to roam free. You can traverse the enclosures with your own car or in one of the park's safari buses. Visitors can even make a proper holiday of it and spend the night in mobile lodges on grounds. In addition to its animals, Serengeti Park offers over 40 other attractions and shows. The park is located just off the A7 Autobahn and about 50 kilometres north of Hanover.

Weltvogelpark Walsrode Bird Park
Address: Am Vogelpark, 29664 Walsrode
Distance: approx. 1 hour from Hamburg*

This bird park promises ‘an experience that inspires’, with over 4,000 birds representing 675 different species - including the world record holders for smallest bird species, strongest bird of prey and the most dangerous bird species. The park’s shows are not to be missed, and include Europe’s largest avian show with up to 70 birds flying over the heads of the visitors. In 2012, the Weltvogelpark Walsrode celebrated its 50th anniversary, making it a longstanding favourite in northern Germany.

Tierpark Arche Warder Zoo
Address: Langwedeler Weg 11, 24646 Warder
Distance: approx. 1 hour from Hamburg*

Don’t be fooled into thinking that this is a normal zoo - Tierpark Arche Warder is actually the largest preserve for rare and endangered livestock breeds in all of Europe. Endangered and heritage livestock breeds are kept on the 40-hectare grounds, which visitors can personally encounter in the various areas of the park. 1,200 animals from 82 breeds - cattle, horses, donkeys, sheep, goats, pigs and poultry - can be seen here north of Neumünster, almost directly on the A7 Autobahn. With its large enclosures and the open spaces in between, this place feels more like a walk through the countryside than your average zoo.

Admission is from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. from March to October and from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. from November to February.

Wildpark Eekholt
Address: Eekholt 1, 24623 Grossenaspe
Distance: approx. 1 hour from Hamburg*

Nature meets education - the Eekholt wildlife park is located west of Bad Segeberg on the northern edge of the Segeberg forest, embedded in the charming landscape of Osterau. On its 67 hectares, visitors can see over 700 animals from 100 species, including sea eagles, lynxes, otters, badgers and snowy owls. The park’s ‘Wolf Mile’ and the Wolf Information Center of the State of Schleswig-Holstein are particularly exciting - here visitors can observe grey wolves up close in their enclosure.

Wildpark Müden (Örtze)
Address: Heuweg 23, 29328 Müden / Örtze
Distance: approx. 1 hour from Hamburg *

This beautiful game park in Müden is home to natural enclosures built into the local landscape and crossed by streams and ponds. Visitors can expect mainly native animal species such as raccoons, elk, wild boar and deer. In the fallow deer enclosure you can get particularly close. The bird shows invite visitors to become more familiar with falconry at the bird of prey station, and are exciting for young and old alike. A playground also provides entertainment for kids and a resting spot for parents.

*The distance refers to the travel time by car

Wildlife Parks 35-60 Minutes Away