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Local Brews against lockdown blues: unwind at home and support local breweries at the same time.

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Bring the Brewery to You: Local Beer Deliveries

The weather is nice, temperatures are rising – the perfect time to stay home! Or is it? Having a selection of your favourite beers at hand can certainly make staying put more pleasant.

At the same time, small-scale local businesses are struggling to survive the crisis. So why not reach out and support your local breweries? Many Hamburgers have local favourites, but even the most dedicated fan of the yeasty arts probably won’t have tried them all. Luckily, many of Hamburg’s breweries have seen crisis lead to innovation and are offering collection and delivery services.

Save time and avoid the stress of buying crates of mainstream beer from overcrowded supermarkets. Instead, #SupportYourLocal and take a gulp of locally crafted amber nectar from your own neighbourhood.

  • Buddelship specialise in unfiltered natural beers. You can order your favourite selection via email and they will deliver their crates right to your doorstep.

  • From the south bank of the Elbe, Marmstorf-based Kehrwieder offer free shipping to central and southern Hamburg areas via phone or email. You may also want to have a look at their varying online offers.

  • Specialty brewery Landgang in Altona is facilitating their own online delivery service. Contact them via email and they provide contactless shipping to your doorstep.

  • Not much needs to be said about Ratsherrn. With their gem Altes Mädchen closed, the renowned and prospering Sternschanze brewery still offers free delivery service for beer crates via DHL. 

  • Schanze is also home to the small-scale microbrewery and craft beer shop Superfreunde. They’ve set up a delivery service within Hamburg and even run a voucher campaign – ‘Pay Now, Drink Later’. 

  • St. Pauli microbrewery and restaurant Überquell near Fischmarkt is facilitating pick up via phone. To be safe, they have plenty of hand disinfectant ready at their doorstep. And while you’re there, why not grab a take-away pizza along the way?  

  • Wildwuchs is a fully-fledged organic brewery in Wilhelmsburg. Their online shop is easy to use and offers free shipping within the Hamburg area.

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