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Hamburg’s young filmmakers Abgedreht! Film Festival

This film festival featuring local artists under the age of 27 has been going strong for over three decades. 

Young filmmakers take the stage

abgedreht! Film Festival - Hamburg's young filmmakers

Movies belong on the big screen

The first works of young filmmakers are the focus of the abgedreht! Film Festival, which screens over 50 of the best films by students and young artists every year. The festival also provides these budding talents with a forum for discussing their craft and a place to benefit from the exchange of diverse ideas. 

All submissions must come from filmmakers under 27 years old. Additionally, filmmakers must themselves be from Hamburg or the surrounding region or have set their film here. Submissions range from experimental films to documentaries to animation and fiction.

At the end of the festival, an expert jury selects its four favourite films, which are then celebrated at an award ceremony. In 2020, the ceremony will take place on Thursday, March 26 at 8 p.m.

About the abgedreht! Film Festival

The festival has been going strong for more than three decades. It gives young directors a platform to present their work to interested viewers and enables direct feedback via discussions with the audience.

The film festival took place for the first time in 1988 under the title ‘Zoomed Out’. Since then, filmmakers between the ages of seven and 27 have had a place to debut work and experience the reactions of the audience.

The entire film program & further information is available at abgedreht! online (site in German).


13-14 March 2024


Zeisen Kino
Friedensallee 7-9
22765 Hamburg

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