Hamburg Outdoors Freshwater Swimming

Nothing is better than a cool dip on a hot summer day. Luckily, Hamburg’s many lakes and natural pools are perfect for a nice swim: fresh water, beautiful beaches and lush grassy banks.

Freshwater swimming for the entire family in Hamburg

Lakes and Freshwater Pools for Swimming in Hamburg

Please note: Remember to adhere to safety regulations regarding COVID-19 issued by authorities, lifeguards or other professionals.

For information on cercariae parasites, please see this link (German only). Current information on the water quality of Hamburg’s ponds and lakes can be found here (German only).

Please note: Remember to adhere to safety regulations regarding COVID-19 issued by authorities, lifeguards or other professionals.

Sommerbad Farmsen - open

Neusurenland 67, 22159 Hamburg, Germany

The Sommerbad (lit. ‘summer pool’) Farmsen is a beautiful lake loved for its long, wide beach and its impressive waterslide. Sprawling meadows invite you to spread out and relax, and the many trees provide shade. Kids can find plenty of opportunities for play, plus restrooms and locker rooms make for a convenient trip. Parking is free of charge. 

  • Admission: €4, kids €2 

  • Getting there: U1 to Farmsen, bus lines 27, 168 and 171 to Neusurenland or Rönkkoppel

  • Opening hours: 1 Jul - 15 Sep, 2020: 11 a.m. - 7 p.m., if the weather is bad: 2 p.m. - 4 p.m. 

Sommerbad Ostende - open

Tonndorfer Strand 37, 22045 Hamburg

The lake has a beach and a large meadow with playground equipment for kids. A waterslide and diving boards provide some additional fun in the sun. Restrooms, showers, locker rooms  and a kiosk can also be found here. Note that there is no dedicated parking in the area. 

  • Admission: Adults: €3, children under 12: €1.50

  • Getting there: R80 or R81 train, bus lines 9, 27, 167 to Tonndorf station followed by a 10 min walk

  • Opening hours: 6 Jul - 8 Sep, 2020, 12 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Boberger See - open

The Boberger See lake is part of the Boberger Niederung nature reserve. However, swimming in the lake and spending time on the surrounding meadows is permitted. The beach on the northeastern banks is great for families and restrooms are available. Please note, however, that dogs are not allowed and there is no kiosk for purchasing refreshments. Swimmers should note that there are no lifeguards at the lake, and as such are entering the water at their own risk. 

  • Getting there: S21 to Mittlerer Landweg, bus line 330 to Billwerder Kirche

  • Opening hours: 10 May - 9 Sept, 2020

Sommerbad Altengamme - open

Horster Damm 76 - 80, 21039 Hamburg

The Altengamme groundwater pool is located east of the neighbourhood of Bergedorf, where Hamburg becomes much quieter and less densely populated. Divided into non-swimmers and swimmers areas, this recreational freshwater pool offers everything that is needed for a nice summer day. Visitors will find lawn for sunbathing, trees for shade, a playground, restrooms and a kiosk. The pool is free of charge; however, there is no on-site parking.

  • Admission: S21 to Bergedorf, bus 228 to the stop Weg zum Freibad, which means ‘the way to the pool’

  • Opening hours: 10 May - 9 Sept, 2020, 11 a.m. - 7 p.m. 

Allermöher See - open

Please note: Cercariae may occur in the water. Check with authorities before swimming here. 

The Allermöhe lake was created in 1984 and quickly became a much-appreciated retreat for people looking to enjoy a nice swim on a hot summer day. The lake’s northern shore is particularly great for swimming - plus it has sandy beach and sunbathing lawn as well. Showers, restrooms and a playground can be found here too. Parking is free of charge. 

  • Getting there: S21 to Bergedorf, bus line 234 to Hilda-Monte-Weg

  • Opening hours: 10 May - 9 Sep, 2020

See hinterm Horn - open

This lake is located near the neighbourhood of Allermöhe and has a beach and a small lawn. Restrooms are available, though there is no on-site parking. It should be noted that small children may have trouble with the relatively steep banks of the lake and there are no lifeguards .   

  • Getting there: S21 to Mittlerer Landweg, bus line 221 to See. On weekends the 321 Badexpress bus from Mittlerer Landweg station brings visitors directly to the lake

  • Opening hours: Jul - 9 Sep, 2020

Hohendeicher See - open

This lake is located in the neighbourhoods of Vierlanden and Marschlanden, directly behind the levee that keeps the Elbe river in its bed. Surfers throw themselves into the mild waves in the western part of the lake, while the eastern banks are used mainly as a campground. South of the lake, families enjoy a day on the sandy beach. Several small kiosks sell food and beverages. Restrooms and free parking are also available. 

  • Getting there: S21 to Tiefstack, bus line 120 to Hohendeicher See, Overwerder station

  • Opening hours: Jul - Sep

Naturbad Stadtparksee - open

Every summer, a section of the lake in the middle of the Stadtpark city park is used as a freshwater outdoor swimming pool, complete with a waterslide and diving boards. Beach chairs are available to rent on the sandy shore and the surrounding meadows are perfect for sunbathing. Restrooms, showers, lockers and a kiosk can be found on site.  

  • Admission: adults: €3.20, children under 16: €1.60 

  • Getting there: U3 to Saarlandstraße

  • Opening hours: Jul - Sep, 12 a.m. - 8 p.m. 

Naturbad Kiwittsmoor - open

Hohe Liedt 9, 22417 Hamburg

This outdoor freshwater pool in the north of Hamburg is great for all ages. In addition to the larger pool for swimming, there is also a smaller paddling pool and a playground for little ones. The large meadow offers plenty of space for sunbathing and trees for shade. Visitors can play beach volleyball, table tennis and even minigolf. A kiosk, a small beer garden and an area for grilling can all be found here as well. Parking is available. 

  • Admission: adults: €3, children under 14: €1.50 

  • Getting there: U1 to Kiwittsmoor

  • Opening hours: Jul - Sep; 11 a.m. - 7 p.m. 

Sommerbad Duvenstedt - open to club members

Puckaffer Weg 13, 22397 Hamburg

This large freshwater pool is divided into separate areas for swimmers and non-swimmers. Visitors can enjoy two waterslides, a large lawn, a smaller beach, a playground and a kiosk as well. 

  • Admission: adults €2.50, children under 13: €1 

  • Getting there: S1/S11 to Poppenbüttel, bus line 276 to Lohe

  • Opening hours: Jul - Aug; 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Öjendorfer See - open

Located in the middle of Öjendorfer Park, the lake is home to two separate beaches, while its northern part belongs to a nature reserve. Sunbathing lawns are vast and perfect for grilling. The kiosk offers sweets, fries and drinks. Kids can use the playground or play table tennis and minigolf. 

  • Getting there: U2 train to Merkenstraße, then walk or cycle the remaining 1.5 kilometres to the lake. Alternatively, U1 train to Wandsbek Markt, then bus line 263 to Gleiwitzer Bogen 

  • Opening hours: Jul - August 

Sommerbad Volksdorf - closed for the entire 2020 season 

This lake in the northern neighbourhood of Volksdorf is the only spot for nude sunbathing and swimming in the city of Hamburg, though guests with swim apparel are also welcome. The lake is located in a wonderful green area with a beach and meadow for relaxing. Lockers and showers are available on-site, as well as a waterslide, a diving board, a playground and courts for tennis and volleyball. Parking is free and a kiosk provides food and drinks.  

  • Admission: 16 years and older: €4.50, children ages 6 - 15: €2.50, children under 6: free

  • Getting there: U1 to Buchenkamp

  • Opening hours: -

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