Current Musicals Frozen - DIE EISKÖNIGIN

The Broadway hit Frozen has come to Hamburg. The Disney favourite has had a home in the Hanseatic city since November 2021.

Frozen in Hamburg The role of Elsa was played by Caroline Bowman in the USA touring production of Frozen.

Frozen - Die Eiskönigin in Hamburg

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An Oscar-winning Disney film lands in Hamburg as a musical 

Hamburg’s musical landscape has been enriched by another hit from America. Frozen has been running on Broadway since 2018 and is a huge hit in the Big Apple. Before that, Disney’s magical, animated story about the two princesses Elsa and Anna broke box office records and even won two Oscars: Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song.

A story of two sisters 

Sisters Anna and Elsa are princesses of the Kingdom of Arendelle. But Elsa has a secret: nobody knows that she has the magical power to conjure up snow and ice. When she accidentally injures her sister with her powers while playing as a child, their royal parents are dismayed. To protect Elsa and give her time to learn to control her skills, the royal family locks themselves away in the castle.

Arendelle in danger 

After the tragic accidental death of her parents, the 21-year-old Elsa is to be crowned queen. However, she still hasn’t learned to control her powers and lives in constant fear of hurting Anna or someone else. Over the years, this has led to a deep gap between the sisters, who were once very close. During an argument at the coronation ceremony, Elsa loses control of her powers and her dark secret is revealed in front of all the guests. In a panic, she flees Arendelle and unintentionally creates an eternal winter that threatens to destroy the whole land. Can Princess Anna find her sister and save Arendelle?

A note on language:

Like all of Hamburg’s Musicals, Frozen is in German. However, anyone familiar with the Disney film should be able to follow along thanks to the universally comprehensible spectacle of dance and music.


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