If you would like to visit W.O.A., you got to be quick ─ tickets are sold within hours.

Wacken Open Air ─ Heavy Metal Festival

The largest heavy metal festival in the world takes place an hour north of Hamburg. Check out impressions of W:O:A: 2016 ─ and prepare for 2017!

The biggest and most important heavy metal festival in the world

In early August, the face of Northern Germany and Hamburg changes. Hamburg Airport swarms with long-haired people dressed in black, passengers at Hamburg Central are carrying camping equipment and beer crates. The Autobahn is jammed with cars from all over Europe, many of them adorned with three letters: W:O:A.     

What they all have in common: They are headed for the small and unassuming village of Wacken, about one hour north of Hamburg. Once a year, the rural calm makes way for the largest and most important heavy metal festival in the world. Over the years, all the greatest bands in heavy metal history have made their appearances at Wacken Open Air and the 75,000 tickets always sell in a heartbeat.

About one third of the audience consists of internationals ─ they fly in from places as far away as Japan or Argentina to witness this noisy event. Check out the experiences of metalheads from South Africa, Indonesia, Mexico, Singapore and the USA at Wacken Open Air below!


2 ─ 4 August 2018

Prinzen Wacken Live